Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Reviews


Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Reviews

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How are you ladies? I hope you all are rocking……… Today, I am going to give you updates on Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster. It makes your eyes look bold, by offering thick and intense graphic lines. This helps you to get the perfect shaped eyes. In my last blog, Coloressence cherry blossom lipstick, I have given you updates on the lipstick that have feature to moisturize your lips as well as give nourishment. Now, I am back with another cosmetic product to know its feature in depth..check out the categories-

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Product Description of Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

It gives you intense graphic effects to your eyes. The black pigment of blackbuster works well for eight hours. The tip of the liner inspires you to get a thick line, which creates a catwalk look. The marker pen glides smoothly and error proof. The innovative formula of black ink makes it to glide easily as well as you can remove it easily. This liner can be helpful to get the bold look.

Direction for Use

 It is simple to apply marker style liner, but you should not take liner as a way to play with color or to make a style statement. You can find eye liner as a perfect instrument to re-shape your eyes. To apply the liner perfectly, you can make the dots. Make small dots above your eyelashes, but pay full attention to make dots closer to each other. Ensure that each dot are connected properly, leave no space between the dots to get the perfect line. The dots will help you to get the proper line on your lashes.

Price & Quantity

INR 750 for 1 piece.

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster


Skin Type

Generally, it works well with all skin types. I also believed in this line, but recently I applied it on oily skin and it was not giving that perfect look which, I can see on the normal skin. So, I think it works well for normal skin.


The packaging is simple, yet looks stylish. The entire bottle is in black color. When you open the cap of the bottle, then you will find an extra cap, which is specially designed to give protection to the tip of the liner.  The golden circle on the black bottle, adds shine to the bottle.


The texture of blackbuster is excellent. The texture is smudge free and the best thing that, I like about the texture is that it dries up in few seconds. So, after applying it, you don’t need to close eyes to make it dry.

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Key Ingredients

Ingredients list is missing.

Pros of Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

  • Long lasting
  • The tip of the liner is versatile. It makes you to get the amount of thickness, you want.
  • Dries in few seconds.
  • Attractive packaging
  • You can easily carry it.
  • The marker style makes you to apply the liner efficiently.

Cons of Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

  • The pigmentation is average.
  • Cost is high.
Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

My Experience with Loreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster

The superliner blackbuster gives intense look to your eyes, which enhances the beauty of your eyes. It is really easy to apply, as it has smooth texture, which makes it ideal for daily use. So, why you are waiting, just go and grasp the liner which will definitely lit-up your eyes. Although, it doesn’t stay for eight hours. My experience says that it works well in six hours and after that it fades up and doesn’t give a fresh look.


9 out of 10.

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would like to recommend it, as it can easily give thick lines to your eyes. Stay with me to know more make up product and till then, don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”.


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