Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion Review


Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion Review

Hello my beautiful readers…!! This winter season we surely need some light and non-sticky moisturizer that does not create that oily look on out face at all. Though we do not have to face any heat or sweat and but due to dryness, the skin on face remains patchy. As we really want to keep our face healthy looking, fresh and glowing so for that we do need more that something regular! A good base of concealer or foundation is much needed me being a Delhi girl and a student as well it is very important for me to keep a very good care of my face and let it stay glowing all day. It is a fact that any how I will have to face heat, pollution, sun rays etc these things haunts me a lot!!! Well anyhow I found a superb caring product for my skin that is Lotus Rejuvina that is really a good rescue for this season. Well it was recommended to me by my elder sister. It is a great product to use you may read further.

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Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Product description

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion provides your skin a natural glow and keeps that for day ling. This lotion is also helpful in Curing skin rashes and raptures. This is an all in one lotion that is also useful in protecting your skin from UV rays, pollutants, environment damages. This lotion also helps you to soothe the skin and relax the face.

Direction for use

You need to use it as the last step of every skin treatment. Just dab some amount and apply a generous quantity of the rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion on your face evenly. Do remember to spread it all over the neck and cover full area of face and neck.

Shelf life

3 years.

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion



595 rupees.


The lotus rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion comes in a nice green color bottle. The bottle is in an all new shape. It is easy to hold this type if bottle. The color if the bottle is all new unique one. The lotion has a pump on it that allows the lotion to come out.


This is not a normal daily lotion to put on. This one is from the category of makeup products only. Its texture is not at all thick and it does not make my skin feel heavy or sticky it gets absorb in the skin quickly and evens my skin texture.

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Key ingredients

The lotion has Babuna (Matricaria chamomilla)-0.3%, Kumari-1%, Genhu (Triticum sativum)-2.6%, Gulab (Rosa centifolia)-5%, Lotion base-91.1%

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Lotus Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

Pros of The lotus rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion

  • It provides my skin a natural glow all day long.
  • It is made up with herbal Ingredients.
  • The quantity of the product is really good and lasts long.
  • It is kind of a foundation.
  • It soothes my skin.
  • Also relaxes my face.
  • It also has such ingredients that Protects from UV rays

Cons of The lotus rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion

  • The Packaging of the product is not at all travel friendly.
  • I wish smaller one.
  • You might not get is everywhere. Availability might be a concern.
  • It does not cure rashes or raptures as it claims.

My experience with the lotus rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion

I have sensitive skin so every time I purchase a product I have to see the ingredients and the company very carefully. As it is the herbal product company so I do not have much problem with this company. Also, the company is having a big goodwill in market. This lotion just looks like a regular foundation. The texture of this lotion is very fine it is neither it is creamy nor gel like. It is like a regular moisturizer with a subtle hint of foundation. By its first use itself I got to observe a nice glow in my face but it does not cover nor did anything that could reduce any spot, blemishes on my face. I will surely recommend it for anis very good for regular use. It lets my skin be as it is. It neither makes it oily nor dries my skin. Also its UV protection property is one of the reasons to buy it. I do not know what SPF it is so just trusting on it is not an option. Di applies anti tanning lotion. I would like to mention that my product has grown somewhat thick probably, due to some handling error, the pump did not get tightly closed.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes always. It surely is a nice lotion to use.

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