Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218 Review


Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218 Review

Hello girls, I think that I have an endless fascination towards nail enamels and those too in nude shades. Sometimes when I buy a new shade my friend’s reaction is like, is it new, but doesn’t it seems like the last one you bought. Lol, that is. But yes, I just love nude shades and keep on buying them and they look alike. This time I bought lusture’ nail enamel shade no 218, I like this color, but this is so light in the shade that I sometimes feel that I haven’t applied anything on my nails. Let’s check this nude shade out

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Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

Product Description of Lusture nails enamel shade 218

This is a nude shade from luster. Lusture has its presence in nail enamel and few other cosmetics too. They have a vast collection of nail enamels. I found this enamel in my local cosmetic store, I haven’t seen this brand in any mall or big shops.

Direction for Use

Open the cap and apply the nail enamel by brush attached to its cap. Apply it by putting a little extra pressure on its front tip. This will give your enamel high finish. You have to apply a second coat to get the exact color of this. Don’t keep the bottle open for long otherwise its consistency will get thicken.

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218


Shelf Life

No such information is provided on pack

Price & Quantity

80 rs for this pack.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This nail enamel is packed in a super glossy glass transparent bottle. You can see through it to check the quantity of the product. It has a metallic finish silver cap on it, which has a brush attached to it for application of nail enamel. This is a handy packaging, which is leak proof too. So this can be easily carried along.

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218


This nail enamel has very smooth texture. It is neither very thin nor very thick. Its texture gives you smooth and high finish of enamel. This is a matte shade and this is so damn light in shade that in one application you won’t even feel that you have applied anything on your nails. So better applying two quotes for this shade to pop out. You can even check the image below to see that even on my nail, it feels that I haven’t applied anything.

Key Ingredients

No such information is provided on the pack

Pros of Lusture nail enamel shade 218

  • High finish
  • reasonably priced
  • Matt shade
  • Handy packaging

Cons of Lusture nail enamel shade 218

  • Very light shade
  • Chemical smell

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

Lusture Nail Enamel Shade 218

My Experience with Lusture nail enamel shade 218

My experience with this product has been average. When I bought this I was happy that I bought a light nude shade, but when I started using it, it merely made any difference to the look of my nails. Yes, it is so damn light that even I wonder on which nails I have applied this and on which I haven’t. So this is a very light color which just gives a bit glossy finish to nails. So you can’t expect much from it. Even if you put your hand in any dark object, it caches its shade.


I would rate this product 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would only to light nude shade nail enamel lovers.


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