Lusture Nail Polish Remover Review


Lusture Nail Polish Remover Review

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Nail Polish Removers are an unquestionable requirement if you are into nail-paints.

Wonderful nails are everybody’s necessity, be it painting your nails or removing the paint, it is extremely fundamental that you take legitimate consideration. The fixings of the items need to be decently checked before applying on your nails.

Lusture nail Polish Remover is one that you can trust without much thought; they won’t ruin your nails. Get clean nails without following your past nail shade. Alongside providing for you clean and clear nails, this nail polish remover will reinforce your nails as it contains Pro Vitamin.

This saturating part likewise relaxes and relieves your nails. It is essential to keep your nails saturated to keep them from drying, splitting, part or chipping. This lusture Nail Polish Remover advanced with Pro-V, does not dry-out your nails, dissimilar to other nail polish removers. Thus, you can have crisp nails shining with well being with this nail polish remover.

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Product Description

It is advanced with Vitamin E to counteract exorbitant dryness around the nails. 

Direction for Use

Take adequate amount in cotton and gentle apply on your nails. 

Shelf Life

As per my experience, its self life is 18 months. 


Rs 40


The remover arrives in a straightforward glass jug with a plastic screw top. There is an alternate plastic cover with an opening underneath the top that controls the measure of the fluid. The cubical formed container is smaller and convenient. 

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Lusture Nail Polish Remover



The texture is in liquid form.

Key Ingredients

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Pros of Lusture nail polish Remover

  • Uproots nail polish easily. Put the cotton swab on the nails for 2 seconds and swipe it against the nail cot. The nail polish falls off effortlessly.
  • You require little measure of this fluid will be sufficient for expelling nail polish from both the hands so a little goes far.
  • Single cotton swab will be sufficient to expel nail paint from both the hands effectively.
  • Uproots nail polish totally and doesn’t leave those extremely small stains on fingernail skin and nail cot corners.
  • It doesn’t leave any whitish cast on nail couch.
  • I like as it is not difficult to utilize its packaging.
  • Most effectively accessible remover. Accessible every restorative shop.
  • Doesn’t made my nails dry in the wake of evacuating the nail paint. 

Cons of Lusture nail polish Remover

  • Has acetone smell.
  • Won’t help in keeping nails from breaking or some other advantages.
  • No notice of ingredients.
    Lusture Nail Polish Remover

    Lusture Nail Polish Remover

My Experience with Lusture nail polish Remover

Lusture Nail Polish Remover meets expectations extraordinary as a remover yet don’t anticipate that it will do something besides that like keeping nails from breaking or any different profits. For those you must catch up with a hand cream to deal with your nails and hands.

I have attempted other nail polish removers as well however Lustrure is still an unquestionable requirement have with every one of them. It makes my nail paint gathering complete. 

Lusture Nail Polish Remover

Lusture Nail Polish Remover


I will rate 8 out of 10 to Lusture nail polish Remover. It perfectly works as lakme and it is available at reasonable rate.

Whether I would recommend this product again:

The remover cases to contain expert vitamin B5. I have not felt anything uncommon it did to my nails. However yes, it evacuates out the darkest of the nail paint and nail art rapidly without leaving my nails harsh or dry. I have been utilizing it for the extraordinary quality and amount that too at a reasonable cost. This is the end of my review. At last, I just want to say “Stay Stylish and Spicy”.


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