MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss Reviews


MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss Reviews

Hello Girls,

Today I got a super trendy edition of MAC lip gloss palette for myself. This product is in form of a lip gloss palette. This product by MAC is again a limited edition product. It has 12 shades of lovely, glossy lip colors which can beautify your lips. This “MAC palette has 12 fascinating lip gloss in a single packaging and is easy and is easy to carry and handy since you do not need to carry multiple products. In MAC’s words this is unique range of lip glosses available in one palette. These lip glosses create a glass-like finish or a subtle sheen on your lips. These glosses are designed to be worn either on their own, or over a Lip Pencil or a Lipstick.

MAC Lipsticks/ lip-gloss typically last for 4-6 hours longer. These are easy to apply and have good color payoff. Mostly, all MAC Lipsticks/ lip gloss have a faint vanilla scent and no taste.

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

Product Description

This product has 12 glamorous colors with moisturizers to give your lips a beautiful shine. The shades are smooth to apply and light to wear. This gloss is meant for daily use and for party as well since, you can take your pick from so many shades. This is a new formula which does not let the Color fade soon.

Direction for Use

The product comes with a small handy brush. Apply your favorite gloss on the brush and then apply the same on your lips.You may combine 2 or more lip colors by your choice.

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss


Shelf Life

6 months


700 rupees (vary a lot)


It comes in a small plastic box with a transparent lid. It also contains a small mirror and a brush. There are 12 small compartments for 12 different shades.


These glosses are really sticky, and are not suitable for wearing in summers. Also, the texture is really thick.

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

Key Ingredients

Please refer below

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

 Pros of  MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

  • Some of these lip glosses are very Well pigmented, while some are subtle in color
  • These lip glosses are very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic color.
  • These lip glosses from MAC also contain Jojoba Oil to help soften, nourish and condition the lips.
  • The brush with the product provides you with a quick, smooth, even application.
  • 12 different shades to choose from
  • Smell like vanilla

 Cons of  MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

  • These lip glosses are really very Sticky and uncomfortable to wear
  • Being a MAC product these are costly, but not worth the high price
  • These do not spread easily on lips due to thick and sticky texture
  • The brush with the product is not of good quality, as the bristles of the brush start shedding after a few usages and the brush is too small.
  • These lip glosses melt during summers due to high temperature so, these cannot be carried around in a hand bag
    MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

    MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

My Experience with MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

Well, I bought this product a month back. Although, the shades are very nice to look at and have a reasonable color payoff they are not at all comfortable to wear. With this product I faced many difficulties due to its stickiness and its failure to retain on lips for long periods, unlike what it claimed. Although, the palette is very handy, it melts in summers it is not convenient to carry as it might spoil your hand bag due to leakage. The lip glosses give a sheer coverage and high shine. Most of these would not be suitable for girls with pigmented lips. Below, is a lip swatch of my favorite shade.

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss

MAC 12 Fascinating Lip Gloss



Whether I would recommend this product again:

I will not suggest such a product due to its uncomfortable stickiness and poor staying power.


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