MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil Reviews


MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil Reviews

Greetings, Starlets, 

I seem to be neglecting the other love of my life, MAC products and the recent one that I happened to steal from my mother’s cherished treasure trove is the MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil. Despite not having any complicated mechanisms like the more recent lip liners, this one does the job in hand perfectly. This particular shade is a beautiful pink cherry that sets off your lips to perfection with its nice, rich color. Use it on your lips or even your eyes to match the color to your outfits.

Product Description:

The MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil promises the following features. It’s completely waterproof and does not smudge. The components are made of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are safe to use on your skin since they’re all completely natural.


MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

How to Use:

The product provides you a built in sharpener with the cap so sharpen the tip to a point tip before applying the liner for a fine, thin line. A more blunt edge can be used to give you a thicker line for a more dramatic effect. So play it up and experiment with the different thickness of lines that you think might suit your lips or eyes.

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

Shelf Life:



Rs. 90 per piece.


The MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil comes in a single pencil like structure, containing an inbuilt sharpener in the place of the cap. Some amount of sharpening might be required if you a want a really thin line to be drawn on your eyes or your lips.

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil



The texture of the MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil is smooth and spreads ever so easily along your lips. Does not crack and even smudging can be removed quite easily since it doesn’t stick very well to the skin. On the other hand, they actually last for a very long time on your lips and don’t really stick to the surface of containers as well.

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

Key Ingredients :

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Pros of MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

  • Travel friendly.
  • Does not smudge and is waterproof.
  • Gives a clean, matte look.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Lasts for several hours.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons of MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

  • Have to constantly sharpen it which I think is a total waste.
    MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

    MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

My experience with MAC Eye Lip Liner Pencil

One of the very few lip liners which in the pencil form, I immensely loved using. The way the tip slides effortlessly along your lips and highlighted the edge is sheer joy. I loved the adorable color and was able to match it to most of my outfits as well. Since it does not shimmer and gloss, it lets me wear it around for normal everyday use. The inbuilt sharpener was a huge boon since I have a tendency to misplace most things but this comes in quite handy. And the fact that it’s a size of a pencil lets me carry it around wherever I go. Yayy on all accounts.




I absolutely loved this MAC product and would recommend it highly if you can look past the million shavings that you might have to ultimately endure for the sake of a perfectly lined lip.


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