MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost Review


MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost Review

Hii cuties! How is it going and what about your beauty regime? Are you all still looking for some miracle products that will blow away your minds and make you look like an angel? Well, no worries, because there are many bands, who loves to pamper their users with their lovely innovations. This brand has lovely products, which will make you feel like an angel, for real, as it gives you a soft and subtle look and gives your beauty a boost, which enhances your spirit and surge your poise.

I am very fond of good products and like to try new ones, so I always buy from this brand, when some new products has been launched. Like the review I did for BioCare Wine and Beer Scrub, which is very nice and effective.

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

Product Description

This product is from MAC and it has been names as Fafi hipness and it is very good when applied on your cheeks, as it gives a soft and subtle look and enhances your makeup and beauty. This product is a makeup art cosmetic, which is used for making up your art for beautification of your face. This is used on your cheek bone that gives a shape to your face. The colour of this blusher is of frozen shade and it gives a classy appearance.

Directions of Use

Apply blusher on your face when your makeup is done. Use a blusher brush or your fingers or a sponge, whichever suits you, and apply it on your cheek bones. Use a good sponge or a brush, as it makes a lot of difference on your face.

Shelf Life

3 years from manufacturing date.

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost



It’s 85$ for 6gm.

Skin Type

For all types of skin.


The packaging of the Fafi blusher is good and it comes in a palette. The black palette, significant brand colour, holds the cake of blusher in it. The flip cover of the palette is transparent and on it, the brands name is written. The palette has no information about the product, rather than the shades name and address printed. The box had info, which I threw, when I started using it. The palette is very appealing and the packaging is good.

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost


The texture of the blusher is smooth and powdery.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients of the blusher is not mentioned on the palette. So I can’t provide the information about it.

Pros of MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

  • It has a good shade.
  • It is applied easily.
  • It has a good smell.
  • It is available in all cosmetic shops.
  • It stays more than ten hours.
  • Easily washable.
  • Less wastage.
  • It’s not cakey, when applied.

Cons of MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

  • The price is too much.
  • The quantity is also less according to the price.
MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

My Experience with MAC Fafi Hipness Powder Blush Frost

My experience with this blusher is astonishing. It is really good and does not gives a cakey feeling.It has really good effect and it gives a boost to your makeup. When all the makeup is applied, then I use this blusher on my face. I always use a blusher brush, which has a volume in it and it helps in applying this blusher efficiently that gives a professional look.


I would give 4.5 out of 5.


Girl’s if you want to add on some good and skin friendly cosmetics to your collection, which you can easily use for a year or three, then you should opt for this amazing hipness blusher from Mac. This costs more but it can be used for more than two years, as its wastage is lesser. This gives you a natural look too.


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