Mac Liquid Mascara Reviews


Mac Liquid Mascara Reviews

Hello beautiful ladies, I have brought Mac liquid mascara for myself and I’m going to review this for you. This is really a good product and the liquid didn’t left my eyelashes over dried and also got a good support. The mascara was comfortable on my eyes and made my eye look more attractive and beautiful for more than 8-9 hours, which is a good lasting power of a product I would say. Well let stop me here itself so that I can review the product in detail for you, let’s check the pro and cons of Mac liquid mascara.

Mac Liquid Mascara

Mac Liquid Mascara

Product description

Mac liquid mascara has a good quotient of black colour in it, which gives you a perfect black on your eyelashes. I didn’t even need to reapply again and again, it gives a good coating on the first applies itself. My eye lashes didn’t even over dried or it got smudged. The product has 8-9 hours of long lasting power on your eyelashes.

Direction to use

If you are a beginner always keep a tissue paper ready as there are chances that the mascara gets smudged when you start applying. Shake the bottle well before use and stroke the brush towards the upward direction. Reapply if needed.

Shelf life

Nothing is mentioned on the mascara bottle

Mac Liquid Mascara

Mac Liquid Mascara



210 INR


Nothing is mentioned on the mascara bottle


The packaging is sweet and elegant with black in it. It is an opaque plastic mascara bottle with ‘Mac liquid mascara’ imprinted with golden colour on it. When you turn the bottle towards the back, you will see three oval shaped big dots on it. Nothing is mentioned on the top or below the mascara bottle. It has a top which does not get easily opened and is also small in size. If you don’t have your purse to carry today, you can just carry it in your pockets of your jeans.


The mascara does not have a thick or a running consistency. It releases a typical smell that you get from all the mascara bottles, which eventually fades away when you apply. As I said before the liquid mascara is a deep black in colour which looks really good on eye. The said part of the mascara is it takes few minutes to dry

Mac Liquid Mascara

Mac Liquid Mascara

Pros of Mac liquid mascara

  • Good packaging
  • Does not over dries
  • Excellent black
  • Good Support to eye lashes
  • Good lasting power
  • Smudge free
  • Travel friendly
  • Worth the price
  • No plastic shine

Cons of Mac liquid mascara

  • Small bottle
  • The bad chemical smell
  • Needs time to dry
Mac Liquid Mascara

Mac Liquid Mascara

My experience with Mac liquid mascara

Mac liquid mascara stands high on the quality it provides. The best thing I love about the Mac mascara is it separates the eye lashes well and also doesn’t over dry the eyelashes. It looks very natural even after you have applied 3 coats of mascara on your lashes.  I didn’t feel the mascara even gets smudged, so this is a green product for the beginners. They don’t have to keep checking their eye frequently and worrying about the mascara, it is totally smudge free. The biggest consequence I left was it really needs time to dry; I really don’t have patience to sit for minutes just for my lashed to dry up. Moreover the chemical smell takes me to a bad mood. This would be my personal suggestion that I felt the bottle was too small with little quantity in it. The liquid dries up if the bottle is kept open or half locked. Overall a good product which will leave you with good experience.

Mac Liquid Mascara

Mac Liquid Mascara


5/6 (just for the size of the bottle and time to dry)

Whether I recommend this product or not

As I said before, this is a product which will leave you with good appearance and also experience. So it is a sure buy for the month.


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