MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage Review


MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Hello ladies, after a very long break from writing reviews for my lovely readers, I am finally back with a bang and I am here to stay this time since, I have hauled on a lot of products from Elite makeup brands and herbal skincare brands. Let us start first with the review of a MAC primer. Many people ignore the importance of a makeup primer while applying makeup but the fact is, a primer allows for a smooth and uniform application of makeup foundation and eve allows your makeup base to stay on longer than it otherwise would. Let us read on below to know whether it justifies the price of the product or not.

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MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage

MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage

Product description

As described by the official MAC website this primer from MAC has a light, fluid like consistency and has been formulated with special silicones that smoothen the texture of your skin.

The primer mattifies your skin and reduces the prominence of redness on your skin. It enhances the stay of your base makeup and gives a smoother application of foundation.


Approximately INR 2500

MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage

MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage



The MAC primer comes in a Black coloured bottle that has s pump and a cap. The bottle is enclosed in a cardboard box which is also Black in shade. The product details are printed over the packaging in White. The primer itself is White in colour.


The texture of this primer is like a water based lotion which is not runny but very light on skin say like a fluffy lotion or a serum.

MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage

MAC Prep Plus Prime Skin Base Visage

Key Ingredients:

Silicones, illuminating particles, green tea leaf extract, aqua, mulberry root extract, algae extract, sucrose, caffeine along with other chemicals and preservatives.

Patanjali face Foundation

Patanjali face Foundation

Pros of MAC prep plus prime skin base visage

  • The packaging is very elegant to look at
  • Pump dispenser makes the product hygienic to use
  • The scent is mildly perceptible
  • It spreads on Skin with an ease
  • Light texture that absorbs easily into skin and gives a smooth base for makeup application
  • It alters the optics of skin to make the pores appear less prominent.
  • It improves the lasting power of your makeup foundation.
  • Use of this product helps in applying makeup evenly even if you are a newbie to makeup
  • Does not break out pimples or react badly with my skin.
  • Full ingredient list is mentioned on the packaging.
  • Only one squirt from the pump is usually enough for your entire face.
  • This primer gives an illuminating effect to your skin.

Cons of MAC prep plus prime skin base visage

  • I cannot comment on how it will fare for sensitive skin types.
  • Contains a long list of chemicals

My experience with MAC prep plus prime skin base visage

My experience with this product so far has been a pleasant one. I have used it many times beneath my base makeup and it definitely enhances the stay of my makeup by an hour or so. It provides a smooth canvas to apply your foundation evenly. Also, it makes your skin pores appear less prominent.

The formula is a quick absorb one and it does make your skin appear matte for once. You can use this on face as well as eyelids before applying makeup products. The Silicone in this makeup primer helps your makeup products spread out well.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, even though the price of this primer is on a higher side, it is worth a try as it gives commendable results.


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    I have used MAC Prep Plus Prime by ordering from Nykaa. I literally don’t have any idea of the product when i was buying it but i have seen this product in offers so thought of buying it from Nykaa. I got it also and i should mention that it is really good for my skin. I will surely recommend this and better we buy it from Nykaa when they are some offers so that it will be helpful for you to get the product it offers. You can always check offers here