Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook


Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Hair is one of the key factors in changing the way you look. All of us have wondered about how the celebs have such beautiful tresses, which looks absolutely mesmerizing and glossy. We have searched the Internet, went to salons, tried every possible things yet we came out with no fruitful results. But none of us ever tried it the organic way.

Let us consider some organic tips that actually work for our hair and makes it beautiful:

Vinegar: It is an awesome conditioner for your hair that brings back the life of your thin hair and makes it silky. After you shampoo, just rinse your hair with vinegar as you do it with a conditioner.

Tea: You can brew some tea and use it to naturally glow your hair using a regular mild shampoo, but do not put sugar while brewing the tea or it can mess up your hair really.

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Olive Oil: If your hair is suffering from dryness and split ends then put the moisture back in your hair by using olive oil and cover your hair after that with a plastic bag. After an hour or so rinse your hair with a natural shampoo and you can use it if you have your hair colored, as olive oil works good for colored hair.

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Mayonnaise: Gently massage it onto your scalp and keep it covered with a cap or plastic for some time, then shampoo as usual, it gives your hair the much needed condition.

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook


Castor Oil: Just mix castor oil with glycerin and apply it into your hair for a shiny and healthy hair. Do not shampoo immediately after applying the oil, leave it for some time.

Butter: You can take your rough mane with a small dollop of butter for a shine that is never seen before. Just massage it onto your scalp and shampoo after 45-minutes.

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Maintain your Tresses for a Beautiful Outlook

Beer: Let your hair bounce and shine by applying beer after washing your hair with a shampoo. You can be really surprised with the results that you get afterwards.

Managing your hair is really tricky especially if you have long hair, but there are some interesting myths that are surrounding us which we need to chuck out. Let’s see them:

  • Myth 1: Brush your hair to make it healthy; Truth: over brushing leads to fall and damage of your hair.
  • Myth 2: Do never pluck the gray hair; Truth: it just that pulling out your hair by the roots might lead to injury of your scalp, so it is not recommended, instead you can color your hair.
  • Myth 3: Trimming your hair makes it grow faster; Truth: hair growth depends solely on your diet, trimming just takes out the split ends.
  • Myth 4: Rinse your hair two times; Truth: over-using of shampoos can make damage your hair so do not over shampoo.
  • Myth 5: do not color your hair, it leads to roughness; Truth: hair color does not give any trouble if you follow the instructions properly.

But girls use the nest ingredients you find don’t use something very raw or cheap, either way it will damage your hair. Take care :)


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