Makeup Tips for Summers


Makeup tips for summers: Look your coolest best in hot weather

Hello girls, summers are officially in full swing mode and so are we!! We will ne bringing to you a series of summer related articles to help you take care of your skin & hair as well as some fashion related troubles. Stay glued to the blog because there are a lot of updates lined up. Read on to get some quick makeup tips:

Preparing your skin for makeup

The key rule of makeup is that it has to be applied on a clean canvas. So, using a face wash to make your skin squeaky clean us mandatory. Follow with a gentle face scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and fresh tanning. In summers, the tan tends to build up frequently so a gentle scrub every other day is acceptable.

Makeup Tips for Summers

Makeup Tips for Summers

Close your facial pores by splashing some cold water after you are done with your face wash. Pat dry and use a toner.

Apply a light textured lotion to hydrate your skin. Let it seep into your skin and follow with a makeup primer. Using a primer gets all the more important in summers since, you tend to sweat more. A primer forms a smooth base for your subsequent makeup products to cling on to. A primer would enhance the stay of your makeup.

Base makeup tips and what all to look out for while buying summer makeup

Makeup Tips for Summers

Makeup Tips for Summers

Makeup Tips for Summers

Makeup Tips for Summers

As far as possible, do not layer multiple products. Pick a hood BB cream or CC cream to create an illusion of even complexion. Both these creams double up as sunscreens and foundations. So, you get to skip your sunscreen.

Always set your makeup in summers to prevent makeup from melting. Use a translucent compact powder, preferably with UV protection or some SPF factor at least to lightly dab onto your base makeup. This keeps your makeup intact for longer.

Whenever you pick your summer makeup, look out for these words, ” SPF”,, “UV protection”, “oil free”, ” Non comedogenic” and “water proof”. These are little things that make a huge difference. One, your skin would stay oil free for longer and two, the chances of your makeup getting smudged would be much less. Trust me on this!!

What shades look good in summers?

Makeup Tips for Summers

Makeup Tips for Summers

Stay away from dark shades in summers. Try to pick most of your makeup products in fresh corals, light Pink, Orangish Reds, Pastel colours and milk chocolate Browns. The key is to stay away from any hue that is too saturated. This guideline applies for your lip products, eye shadows and blushes.

Pick tinted balms and glosses over proper lipsticks. I suggest this because the area around lips tends to sweat a lot. A pigmented lipstick would tend to bleed more in sweat. A tinted lip balm on the other hand would give a fresh dose of colour to your lips without creating much fuss.

Summers are also a great time to experiment with eyeliners of different colours. If you are bored of using the same, old, Black eyeliners.. The brightly coloured summer outfits give you a perfect excuse to flaunt Brown, Blue, Teal and Turquoise eyeliners.

Anything that has shimmers is to be ditched in summers. Already your skin has got too much to handle, do not irritate it further.

Let your skin breathe at night

Last but not the least, remove your makeup each evening by using a bi phased makeup remover and let your skin breathe. I would love to hear from you so, if you found the tips useful, do drop in your comments below and share the post because sharing is caring!

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