Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash Review


Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash Review

Hey my ladies, Some people love monsoons but personally I hate it. The pimple problems are at its peak in this season on my face. If anything new I try, I will surely get a breakout in 2-3 days. So, as I am bound to not use any new product on my face, I experiment a lot with my body washes. Let’s see how this new body wash fared on me.

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Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Product description:

A luxurious lathering body cleanser evoking the citrus sharp verve of western India with skin illuminating Lime and reviving natural vetiver. Malvara body washes are derived from pure coconut and virgin olive oils, which contain both the essential fatty acids to strengthen condition, nourish and soften skin. It also contains antioxidants needed to improve skin elasticity. They are entirely free of SLS, parabens.


1000 INR for 300 ml or 120 INR for 60 ml.

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash



The full size bottle comes in a transparent bottle with a pump mechanism. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The lists of ingredients are mentioned at the back of the bottle.

The small bottle comes with a silver screw cap. The manufacture dates are mentioned but the expiry dates are not mentioned anywhere.

Shelf life:

Not mentioned.

Directions of use:

Dispense a coin size of the body wash on the fingers or the loofah to work with a rich lather. Rinse off with water.


The body wash is green in color and has a strong lime fragrance.

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Key ingredients:

Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Aqua, Cocamido propyl betane, Olive oil peg-1, Esters, Parfum, Cocamide dea, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyleneglycerin, Sodium chloride, Citric acid, Natural extracts of lime and vetiver.

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Pros of the Malvara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

  • The body wash foams well.
  • It makes skin soft and nourished.
  • It is free of parabens.
  • Comes in a sturdy packaging.

Cons of the Malvara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

  • It has a strong citrus smell.
  • A bit on expensive side.

My experience with the Malvara Lime Vetiver Body Wash

Lime vetiver Body wash comes in a clear bottle with green tinted liquid inside. A pea size amount of the body wash is actually enough for the entire body. It gives a rich velvety foam which cleans the body well. It cleanses my skin without disturbing the pH of my body. The body wash does not make it dry and skin feels shiny and nourished. I didn’t apply any body lotion immediately after the bath as it is itself self-moisturizing.

As the name suggest, it has citrus fragrance. I love citrus smell products in my bathroom but it’s too strong for my liking. However, after the bath the smell fades away. Apart from the smell, I liked the product. The facts that they are free from parabens, made me use it. The malvara body wash is a bit expensive than its counterparts in the market right now.

The size I am using is a 60 ml bottle and it could easily last me for 30 washes. The availability might be an issue for the Malvara products. You can buy the body wash from the official Malvara website.


3/5 (the strong fragrance was a turn off for me.)

Would I recommend the Malvara Lime Vetiver Body Wash?

I will surely won’t purchase for myself because of the strong fragrance. However, if you are okay with this type of strong fragrances, you can give a try.


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