Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color Reviews


Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Hi everyone. Don’t you find the professional world of hair and hair dye to be complicated? I mean, you just go to the market today and there are thousands of options readily available for you. The situation often leads confusion among consumers. We also suffer from the same situation, when we are quite unaware of the best and have no idea regarding which hair color or dye would be the best option. Not only the color shade is a problem but the bigger issue is in selecting the brand. But once you read this, I hope you can get some clue to go ahead!

Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Today there are several hair colors and dyes available in the market which contains harmful chemicals and other products that could potentially harm your hair. To avoid such problems, brings you the Matrix So Color Permanent hair color.

Product Description:

The Matrix Socolor permanent hair color comes in total pink packet, with all the descriptions and necessary information written in bold white.  According to the package of the product, it contains the new cera oil complex conditioning. It is a creme solution hair color. It is sticky fluid in nature and had a whitish color.

Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Key Features:

The product claims to give you long lasting permanent hair color that would not easily get light even after 30 to 40 showers.

As per the description over the packet, this product from L’Oreal contains

  • Ammonia,
  • Resorcinol
  • Diaminotluenes
  • Diaminobenzenes.
    Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

    Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color


How to apply?

First you need to shampoo your hair and rub it semi dry. Now wear a pair of coloring gloves or rubber gloves, as per your choice and take a small quantity of the crème hair color on your finger tips. Now gently apply it all over your head and massage gently in a to and fro or circular motion.

Make sure that the creme eventually gets all over your head and all the hairs are properly dyed. Continue this for around two to three times in a day

Once you are done, leave it to dry for 48 hours. Do not use any kind of liquid on the dyed hair.  Now wash it off gently with cold water. Avoid using any shampoo. You may use conditioners but that too the specific ones that help you to retain the hair color.

Pros of the Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a naturally enhancing shade
  • Excellent texture
  • Makes your hair silky
  • Value for money.
    Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

    Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

Cons of the Matrix SoColor Permanent Hair Color

  • The color stays for a less span of time.
  • Contains ammonia and other chemicals
  • Too much time consuming
  • Have to do touch-up every month
  • Not suitable for those who have sensitive skin
  • Causes minute hair fall (due to ammonia)
  • Causes inflammation of the skin in some cases.

Whether I will buy this product again?

Never! With so many disadvantages and lacks, I would never go for this product of Matrix again. The harmful chemicals and ammonia of this product has weakened my hair tips. I would not recommend the matrix so color permanent hair color crème to anyone to use. Instead I would prefer organic dyes that contain natural products.

But you can certainly give your preferences. Take care 🙂


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    i heard its a good product though :/

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    i dont use hair colors cause of the chemicals only 🙁

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    yes i agree! the stay time isnt as claimed

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    nicely reviewed