Max 16 Nail Colour Remover Reviews


Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

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Nail polish is perhaps the most popular fashion items among women. There are numerous brands of these items available and they are available in different colors and shades. You may prefer to use one particular color or shade on a particular occasion and then, the very next day you would like your nail polish to match the dress you are wearing. In order to paint your nails with a different color or shade, at first you need to remove the one you already have. How do you remove it? Well, there are many nail polish removers available in the market. This article is about one such item.

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

The brand name itself speaks a volume. Max 16 is one of the most famous and well known brands in the world when it comes to women’s fashion items. They manufacture different nail polishes and to make sure that you can use the different colors and shades, they have introduced a nail color remover.

Product description

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Max 16 nail colour remover is contains Vitamin E, which does not allow the nearby areas of your nails to dry out too much. The fact that it is available at a reasonable rate has made this product even more popular. The users of this product have given some excellent feedback and some of the, have even ranked it as the best nail colour remover available in the market. The fact that this item is being produced by a brand like Max 16 makes it even more reliable and acceptable.  It is a very effective nail polish remover that removes the hard and tough polish on your nails very quickly and gently. It is very smooth and tender does not affect the texture of your nails. The fact that this item is free from acetone makes sure that it does not cause any sort of harm to your nails.

Key Ingredients

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Vitamin E is one of the major ingredients of Max 16 nail colour remover. Besides Vitamin E, it also contains spirit and various other chemicals

Direction for use

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover


It is very simple to use. Take a few drop of this liquid on a piece of cotton and gently rub it over your nails. Doesn’t matter how old, rough and hard the polish is, it would be removed instantly. 


When it comes to any product of Max 16, you can certainly expect a lot of “Pros” to be associated with them. Max 16 nail colour remover is no exception. Here are some of its pros.

It will ensure that the entire polish is being removed. Doesn’t matter how many coatings you have.

A very little quantity does the job

You need to put in a very little effort

The packaging is very convenient

Since a few drops do the trick, it lasts real long

Though it contains spirit and other chemicals, it does not leave behind a burning sensation on your skin.


Since it smells alcoholic, it might contain acetone.

The list of ingredients is not mentioned in details.

I think I am going to get this one again unless it is not available in my nearest stores.

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Max 16 Nail Colour Remover

Price: 18 INR


As mentioned earlier, this particular product is being rated among the best by its users. The fact that it ensures that no damage is being done to your nails makes it even more popular.

Rating: 4/5


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