Maxi Dresses


The Must Have Maxi Dresses – Decency With Sex Appeal

Those days of your life, when you used to dress up in little frocks and you looked like a Barbie doll! You remember those days? I am sure you do. At this stage of your life, dressing up could be a real headache. The fact that there are so many contemporary styles and fashions around, at times become very difficult to decide.

Talking about trends and fashions, have you noticed, over the last couple of years various traditional fashions have started reoccurring, with a touch of modification in them. May be the designers are running short of innovative ideas! One such item is Maxi Dresses. These attires were very popular till late 70s. And after they gradually went off the market, and now they are back with a bang!

Maxi Dresses

Don’t you simply love maxi dresses? I certainly do! These are graceful, elegant and sexy at the same time. You can wear then on a formal or casual occasion, most importantly, they make you look beautiful. The best about maxi dresses is, they tend to suit every one, irrespective of their height and complexion. Try it out! I can guarantee that you will definitely stand out in a crowd.   


The history of this outfit goes way back to 1940s and they were immensely popular up until 1980s. Post 80s, women started being a bit rebellious in terms of their dressing sense and mini skits, shorts, etc started dominating the market and maxi dresses gradually lost their popularity

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

It is back again!

Maxi dresses which once used to be a sign of royalty for women, have now made their way into the stores of shopping malls and local garment stores. Women form all age groups; especially teen agers and middle aged have started showing interest in these types of clothes. Movies always had a deep impact on our fashion. May be legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Julia Roberts are making their way back!!!

I recently bought this maxidress from KOKO.KAT for a special nightout party with friends. After wearing this I got a lot of compliments and was quite happy with the way I felt after wearing this. I was comfortable and confident even while I was on the floor dancing to the high octane music there. Later, I even wore it for a day out with family. So, basically this type of maxi dresses are ideal for formal as well as casual outings or parties.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses


Maxi dresses are ideal for any occasion.

Though, they are casual in nature, but still you can wear them for a dinner party, any outdoor event, and here is the most exciting part….you can even put them on for a date! These clothes could be put on in all seasons, including winters; all you need to do is to put on a matching jacket.  Maxi dresses and jean jackets appear to be the trendiest combination. A jean jacket looks good when worn with a flowing dress and gives a decent look to the entire appearance. What kind of shoes are you supposed to wear with maxi dresses? Well, you can try flat sandals or gladiator shoes or even high heels. It depends on the occasion. Try and avoid using too much jewelry. A necklace and a small ear ring would be sufficient.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have now become a popular choice among the fashion conscious groups. The fact that it looks decent and at the same time adds a touch of sex appeal has made it highly acceptable among women all over the world.

Try out a piece for yourselves also. Take care.

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