Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation Reviews


Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation Reviews

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I have been reviewing face washes, cleansers and BB Cream for a while now. Today I have a different product for review, a foundation and a really appreciative one – Maybelline Affinitone Foundation. In India, the problem with foundations at domestic level is that you rarely get a shade matching your skin tone and skin type because of which the ladies resort to a different shade for a different skin tone and skin type and ultimately ends up looking cakey. Foundations are a miracle if you find the right shade for your skin tone because it evens out your skin tone seamlessly and reduce all the redness and acne scars over your face which is otherwise difficult to get rid of after 20s. It makes the skin look all the more healthy if you can choose the right foundation. In my last review of ‘Covergirl Lashblast 24 Hr Mascara’, I told you about this mascara.

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Product Description:

It is one product out of the perfecting and long lasting foundation range of Maybelline. It has micro-flex formula with 24 Hour long wearing. It also contains SPF 19 as the pack claims. It also claims to contain natural pigments which will hydrate and protect the skin from damaging. It also contains Vitamin E.

Directions for use:

The only necessity while using this product is you will need a thoroughly moisturized face before applying this foundation because it tends to look patchy and dry if used otherwise. Take two spurts from the bottle, apply small dots all over your face and then use a foundation brush or sponge to blend it well into the skin. I strongly recommend you to use a brush or sponge instead of your fingers. Using fingers to blend is pretty unhealthy. Don’t forget to provide equal coverage to the back of your hand and the neck line otherwise the colour difference will be quite visible.

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation



Varies from place to place. I purchased this 30 ml glass bottle for 450 bucks but you might get a discount if you shop online.

Shelf Life:

36 months.


It comes in a glass bottle with a sucker pump through which you get spurt out exactly the amount of foundation you need. Although you’ll have to handle it pretty carefully because of the glass bottle but it is equally hygienic and convenient.  The bottle is air tight and fits in to your palm well.

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation


The consistency is medium and creamy. It is neither too runny nor too thick which minimal fragrance or rather no fragrance.

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Pros of Maybelline Affinitone Foundation:

  1. Long lasting coverage.
  2. Blends well with natural coverage.
  3. Healthy glow.
  4. SPF 19.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Sweat resistant.
  7. Oil Free

Cons of Maybelline Affinitone Foundation:

  1. Medium coverage, so needs concealer for covering more imperfections.
  2. Doesn’t stay for 24 hours as it claims.
  3. Dries the skin if used without moisturizer.
  4. Doesn’t suit an acne prone skin.
  5. SPF 19 is not enough.
Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

Maybelline Affinitone 24H Foundation

My Experience with Maybelline Affinitone Foundation:

I feel it’s a normal foundation with nothing much peculiar qualities but it does gives an instant glow to my face and lasts for about 10 hours in a go. The packaging saves the product from getting waste and only a small amount gives appropriate coverage. At the times I am under scorching heat, it starts getting cakey otherwise it gives a velvet-y finish.

Would I recommend using it again?

It is of no use to dry skin beauties but the oil-y skin normal skin beauties can surely benefit from the product qualities. Maybelline products have always been promising enough, so you can try it for yourself but don’t forget to choose the right shade out of all.


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