Maybelline colossal volum express mascara Reviews


Maybelline colossal volum express mascara Reviews

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Here’s a new brand that I’ve taken to. Now, Maybelline is world renowned for a large assortment of beauty products from every niche. My recent visit to a store got my sights set on this very unique piece and I knew I simply had to give it a try. Who doesn’t love exploring new products and finding out how effective they can be. So I purchased the Maybelline Colossal volume express mascara at an exemplary price and was quite satisfied with its use too.

Product Description:

Here are a few reasons why the Maybelline colossal volum express mascara is going to be loved.

  • The availability of a lush collagen-enriched plumping formula and Mega Brush for usage.
  • People using contact lens have nothing to worry since the product is ophthalmologist-tested
  • The mascara is waterproof.
  • Provides up to 9x the original volume.
  • Increases volume dramatically with no clumps.
    Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

    Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

How to Use:

The tips for using the Maybelline colossal volum express mascara follow the traditional method. Use the brush to coat your lashes with the mascara from the root till the very tip to plump your lashes. Make sure to reach the corners of your lashes as well. The volume, colour and lustre is boosted almost instantly. Apply more than a single coat for a better volume and colour.

Shelf Life:

6 months after opening.


Rs. 350 per piece.


The Maybelline colossal volum express mascara product comes in an intriguing package. A Yellow ,elliptical tube contains the liquid, the instructions for use and the details that are related to the product .The colour suggests the playfulness of the product and a thick brush is used for applying the mascara to your lashes. The mascara is available in two types, the waterproof kind and the non water-proof kind. Though they’re both of the same price, the non-water proof one is simply much easier to remove.

Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

Maybelline colossal volum express mascara


The texture of the mascara is a perfect consistency that isn’t really too solid that you can’t apply it to your lashes or very runny so that it drips down your skin as soon as you apply it. A single coat gets all your lashes wet with the liquid which dries in a few minutes, after which you can easily apply the rest of your coats if necessary.

Key Ingredients:

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

Maybelline colossal volum express mascara


Pros of Maybelline colossal volume express mascara

  • Very easy to use and don’t have to wait for a long time for the mascara to dry.
  • The large bristles of the brush cause your lashes to get plume and volumised in a single coat
  • The price is very affordable.
  • Compact shape and size makes it travel friendly..
  • Completely water proof and does not wash off easily..

Cons of Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

  • Due to the amount of mascara used, lashes tend to clump together at times when they dry.
  • Impossible to apply the mascara evenly to the corners of the lashes.
    Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

    Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

My experience with Maybelline colossal volum express mascara

First off, I loved the compliments that I received on using this product. I even recommended to my friends and they all seemed to have no problem with it and loved it too. Its ease of use, fair price and the ease with which you can remove it makes it a very attractive product, one which is a must have for every makeup junkie looking to boost their lashes.




I would greatly recommend this product as a must buy and would definitely buy it again once this tube gets over.


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