Maybelline Long Last Lipstick Reviews


Maybelline long last lipstick “rouge flamboyant”.

Hello my dear beauties. Today’s article is about a super glossy lipstick from Maybelline. The color of the lipstick is light purple which is not suitable for all skin tones. Talking about the brand; well, most of the products from this brand are so common and are equally good. Even my own experience with Maybelline products has been really awesome but this lipstick is not that good. Instead I won’t even suggest you to buy such lipstick from Maybelline. The shade “rouge flamboyant” is preferable more for a fancy dress completion that for a party or occasion. The lipstick has not provided me with a good feedback at all. Please read further for more details.

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Product description

Maybelline has brought A new range of lip colors that stretches the limits of long wear. The lip colors come with a new Micro-flex formula which glides on your beautiful lips and help you look gorgeous all day. We promise you No crumbling or no caking and no fading at all! The lip colors are Available in 30 long lasting shades.

Direction for use

As the lip color is super glossy and has enough moisture content so there is no need to apply any balm or moisturizer underneath! Apply directly starting from the centre of your lips and then covering the counters.

Shelf life

2 years

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick





Packaging is not so good. The color of the tube is dark maroon which looks like a local or cheap lipstick. The cap has a golden color “m” embossed to show that this product is from Maybelline. The cap tucks tight on to the tube to prevent the lipstick from dust.


Super smooth and super glossy it is! It even melts on the lips itself if the temperature is high ( I hate it). The texture contains shimmer particles too which are not at good to carry with this color.

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Key ingredients

Not mentioned exactly but the ingredients are such that the lipstick felt really heavy on lips. Contain shimmer particles.

Pros of Maybelline long last lipstick “rouge flamboyant”.

  • Unique color

Cons Maybelline long last lipstick “rouge flamboyant”.

  • The lipstick is Really heavy on lips
  • It is Not good for summers
  • The light purple Color do not suit every skin tone
  • This product Contains lot of shimmer
  • Due to high temperature it melts on the lips.
  • The lipstick Also become sticky in the bottle itself
  • Really very Boring packaging
  • No smell.
  • The color of the lipstick do not retain for long
Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

My experience with Maybelline long last lipstick “rouge flamboyant”.

This is one of those products which I truly hate! I like trying new colors of lipsticks as i have a fair complexion so mostly every color suits my skin tone but this one was really a disaster for me. After the application of the lipstick within an hour or so I wanted to remove this lip color as soon as possible. This lipstick was damn heavy on my lips! The lipstick spoiled my day totally as the shimmer particle didn’t remove completely from my lips instead they scattered on my whole face. The lipstick itself within the tube started melting as the temperature got a bit high in the room. I could visibly see that the lip color inside the packaging is becoming sticky and difficult to handle. I found this product as a total waste of money. But one thing which I liked about the lipstick was that the shade provided in this range is really unique and is not easily available anywhere, so if you are in search of such a shade go for it! And I would like to suggest you to keep this lipstick in a cool and dry place especially during summers.

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick

Maybelline Long Last Lipstick



Whether I would recommend this product again?

No! It is a total waste of money! Please do not buy it.


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