Maybelline New York Color Show Crystal Clear 101 Review


Maybelline New York Color Show- Crystal Clear 101 Review

Hii Sweethearts! I am back with a new review of mine that is about a nail enamel, which is crystal clear and looks amazing on your finger nails. The nude shade when applied on your manicured nail makes it look amazing and gives your hand a beautiful look. Manicure is one of the things, most of the ladies do in the parlours, to keep their hand clean and fresh. The best part is when you don’t want any nail colour on your nail, then this nude shade is applied, which gives a shine and exotic appearance to your hands. Well, in the market, all companies has this Crystal nude shade but the branded ones have its quality, which can’t be replaced by any other local companies. So, get ready to know about this amazing nail enamel in the same way, as I did my review for Burts Bees Lip Balm.

Maybelline New York Color Show

Maybelline New York Color Show

Product Description

This nail enamel is a chip free nail colour straight from the shows that is a long lasting nail colour, which stays for more than 24 hours, without chipping. It contains an easy flow brush and it has formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free. This nail enamel is all that you want, to make your nail look glossier and perfect. It has a gel base formula, which offers fabulous finish to your nails. This nude nail enamel can be applied as a top coat to your nail polish too. This nail enamel is worth adding to your make-up collection.

Directions of Use

  • On your clean nails apply it directly with the brush provided, as it gives a cleaner look.
  • If you want to apply colourful nail enamel, use this nude colour as the first base colour, which prevents your nail enamel from getting yellower.
  • Apply the enamel from the base to the tip in one go.
  • For the cleaner look, leave small space from the base and then apply the enamel.
Maybelline New York Color Show

Maybelline New York Color Show


Shelf Life

36 months from the date of manufacture,


85 INR for 6 ml {from sale I took}

The real price of the nail enamel in the website itself is $3.99.


The texture of the nail enamel is in gel form and is thick.

Maybelline New York Color ShowMaybelline New York Color Show

Maybelline New York Color ShowMaybelline New York Color Show


The packaging of the nail enamel of crystal clear nail polish is very appealing. The range of Color Show has all same packaging, but the clear one looks amazing as, its brush inside the clear bottle is visible through the bottle itself. The gel enamel is perfectly clear and looks astounding. The transparent bottle and the remarkable black cover top of the brand looks wonderful. The cap applicator has the shades name printed on the cap of the nail enamel. At the back of the bottle, the expiry and some useful information is printed too.

Key Ingredients

There are no ingredients printed on the bottle.

It is formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene Free.

Maybelline New York Color Show

Maybelline New York Color Show

Pros of Maybelline New York Color Show- Crystal Clear 101

  • The nude shade is crystal clear.
  • It can be used as a base coat.
  • It can be applied as the top coat too, for more shine.
  • It makes the nails look glossier.
  • The price which I took was reasonable.
  • It is a quick dry nail enamel.
  • It is chip free.
  • Long lasting.

Cons of Maybelline New York Color Show- Crystal Clear 101

Well, I don’t have any cons for this nail enamel.

Maybelline New York Color Show

Maybelline New York Color Show

My Experience with Maybelline New York Color Show- Crystal Clear 101

Nail polishes has been my favourite, since childhood. I had a craze when I saw mom and aunt’s applying it and I applied it too. These craze grew as I grew older and now I have a range of nail enamels from good brands. This nail enamel, is one of my favourite, as all-time I don’t like to apply colours, so I usually apply this nude shade. As a top coat I use this clear enamel too. This makes the colour of the other nail enamels look glossier and perfect.


I would give 4.5 out of 5 to this nail enamel.


If you want your hands to look prettier, without any nail colour on it, then you should use this clear nail polish. After doing manicure at home, you can apply this as a protector of your nails. So girls, buy and try this perfect crystal clear enamel, as it will become your favourite too.


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