Meilin No Transferable Lipstick Reviews


Meilin No Transferable Lipstick Reviews

Hello sweethearts!!!

How you all have been? You all must agree with me that the weather is so cool and pleasant, for a nice hot cup of coffee. This weather has made my mind calm and clear, with its pleasing atmosphere that makes me write another review for you all, about my favourite lipstick.

Without a lipstick, we girls can never go out, am I right? Well, I know the answer and that is yes! and if the lipstick stays the whole day on our lips, that would be a cherry on the cake. Meilin is one of the brands, whose lipsticks are just wow and it’s no transferable.

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Product Description

Meilin is a brand of Taiwan and among the other countries, it is exported in India too. It’s the lipstick which is no transferable, which means it does not stick to your teeth and on any kind of glass or cup. It’s a matte lipstick, and has many shades which will attract you. The lipstick is smooth and it has a freshness in it, even after months of use. The lipstick has NMF that gives moisture to the lips.

Directions of Use

Using a lipstick is not a rocket science for ladies, just apply the stick on your clean lips and properly around the borders of your lip. After each use close the cap of the lipstick, preventing it from getting dry. After the application leave it for two minutes before touching it. 

Shelf Life

2years from the manufacturing date.

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick



185 INR.

Skin Type

For all skin types.


The packaging of the lipstick is very clean. The stick is of full blue colour. The cap of the lipstick has its brand name printed, with the logo and the bottom of the lipstick has instructions and expiry date written. The lipstick has its code printed below the stick. It has a very elegant look that has a golden touch in it. Over all the lipstick packaging is exquisite.


The texture of the lipstick is very smooth and it has freshness in every application. It has high ability of safeguarding and is not transferable because of its matte texture.

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Key Ingredients

The lipstick has NMF for moisture but no other ingredients has been given on the outer part or the packaging.

Pros of Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

  • It has NMF in it, for the moisturization.
  • The lipstick is very smooth.
  • It has freshness in every application.
  • Price of the lipstick is not costly.
  • It spreads on your lip very easily.
  • It is no transferable.
  • It lasts for more than ten hours if untouched.
  • It’s water resistant.

Cons of Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

  • The cover of the lipstick has no ingredients written.
  • According to other brands, the price is a bit high.
Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

My Experience with Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Ah! Talking about my experience, I love the lipsticks from this brand, as it has very nice colours and it is very reliable. The smoothness and its sweet smell of the cosmetic, makes me want for more. Whenever I apply this lipstick, I never apply the border on my lips, as the full application of one colour makes my lip look interesting, it’s not that I’m complimenting myself, but it really looks gorgeous, when applied without lip liner.

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick

Meilin No Transferable Lipstick


I would give 4.5 out of 5 to this lipstick.

Recommendation of the product

Recommending a beauty product actually means, sharing your beauty secrets, but for all my beautiful friends, I would definitely like you all to try this no transferable lipstick, which is water resistant too. It is easily available in markets and mall, but if you don’t have time to go and buy, it can be purchased online too.


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