Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner Reviews


Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner Reviews

Hello my dearest blog readers.. Today I have got amazing eyeliner all the way from MEILIN ORIGINAL. The Name of the product is glam shine eyeliner. The shade number is “81” and the shade name is “azure green”.

I am a person who loves to decorate her eyes with beautiful colors and contrasts. I always try to match up my eye color with the dress I wear. So this is quite predictable that I got a green dress and there after I purchased this beautiful green color eyeliner. Well, to be honest I purchased this liner just for one time application in the function but as usual what I expect never happen rather this product proved as a good product. The textures, the retention power, the color, the liquidity all are equal to good and costly eyeliner. The best thing about this product is that it is easily available everywhere, even in any local cosmetic shop.

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Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Product description

The meilin shimmer glam shine eyeliner provides your eyes a total new and wonderful experience of beautifying your eyes a new and trendy way. Just by applying a single stroke you will get an amazing new look. Try out our full new range.

Direction for use

Just dip the liner stick in the color bottle and apply directly to the eyelid. As it is a brush eyeliner you need to be careful while applying. The brush is really thin so it won’t create much of the mess for the first time.

Shelf life

3 years.

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner



150 rupees.


The packaging is awesome. The liner comes in a plastic tune-like-bottle. The long triangular screw cap contrasts well with the green liner bottle. (I think is been designed by keeping in mind the carelessness of girls handling a glass bottle. LOL!)


The texture of the liner is super awesome and in one stroke itself you will get a cute green color on your eyelids. The liner is more of water based that is a bit thinner that it should be.

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Key ingredients

Sorry not mentioned.

Pros of Meilin original glam shine eyeliner

  • The eyeliner is really easy to use due to its long triangular cap
  • I can easily make a tight grip due to the formation of the cap.
  • Easy to carry in my carry bag it is really very light weighted
  • Provides a beautiful green shade to my eyes with a total new look
  • It is matte finished eyeliner and not a glossy one
  • Dries quickly within few seconds
  • The eyeliner has lovely bottle/packaging.
  • Affordable
  • Easily available everywhere

Cons of Meilin original glam shine eyeliner

  • It is not waterproof
  • The product from Meilin is good but its consistency is thin.
Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

My experience with Meilin original glam shine eyeliner

After application of this eyeliner my eyes got a brand new look like never before. Firstly, the liner dried really soon on my eyes. Secondly, the bright green color stayed on my eyes as it is for up to 3-4 hours. Thirdly, after washing my face it was easy to rinse it off. The thin consistency of the eyeliner bothered me a bit but it was fine after it dried.

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner

Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner



One minus due to the thin consistency. And not being a waterproof one.

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes I will. As this is not that much costly that you need to think twice for it to buy. Also this range of eyeliner is easily available.


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