Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup Reviews


Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup Reviews 

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Hope you all are fine and in good health. I have been keeping myself busy with this writing and some house work too, as you know we girls can work, as well as look after our homes too. Well, I am a bit follower of feminism and very much understand how we tackle all the things in one go.

Today I would like to write a review about my favourite blusher palette by Meilin, which I just love to apply where ever I go. It has very natural coloured blushers in the palette that will definitely grab your eyes. I have Meilin collections because I love to use the products by manufactured by them.

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Product Description

Meilin is a waterproof blusher and it is said to be the professional makeup kit, as it has very cool and natural coloured blushers in it. The palette has 6 round colour bars of beautiful natural blushers. The palette of blusher comes with two professional brushes, which is used for applying the blush on. It’s not just that, it has a mirror on the flip of the palette, so it can be carried anywhere and can be used everywhere desired.

Directions of Use

Blushers are used on the face and cheek bones, to enhance the look of your face. It is very important that you use the blush in appropriate amount and not to overdo your face with it. Apply blush on your face, when rest of the makeup is done, as it gives the finishing look. Take a blush brush and choose the desired colour, take some on the brush. Make a fish face and apply it on. If it’s looking too much, then you can make it lighter with your hands.

Shelf Life

No shelf life is printed on the palette. I have this for more than 3 years and it’s perfect.

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup



It’s for $ 8 for 0.98oz / 28g

Skin Types

It’s suitable for all skin types.


The packaging is very simple and sweet. It has six round compressed blushers on the palette that has natural and cool colours. The mirror on the flip of the palette cover, makes it handy and it can be carried with you anywhere. At the back of the palette, all the ingredients are given with the weight and code of the product. The black palette, with silver flip cover, makes the look classy. The blush brushes has a niche too that makes this waterproof blusher kit, an organised one.

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup


The texture of the blusher is very light and smooth and it has a fine compact powdery consistency, when applied.

Key Ingredients

Talc, Mica, kaolin, Octyl Palmitate, Vaseline, Mineral oil, Lanolin, Magnesium Stearate, Propyl Paraben, Methyl paraben.

May contain: Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, D & C Red No. 27 Aluminium Lake, D & C Red No. 6 Barium Lake, D & C Red No. 7 Calcium Lake, Iron Oxides, and Pearl Powder.

Pros of Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

  • It is waterproof
  • It is a professional makeup palette.
  • It has light natural shades.
  • It has six shades in one palette.
  • It can be carried easily.
  • It has two blush brush in it.

Cons of Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

  • It should have one or two darker shades too.
Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

My Experience with Meilin Waterproof Blusher Professional Makeup

Talking about my experience, I love this purchase of mine and I adore it, as I like using light blushers on my face. Darker shades makes face look more bright, so for a classy and sober look, this palette is perfect for me. I am a person, who is not comfortable with loud makeup, so the natural colours of this product, fulfils my need. I apply it in the day time too, as it gives a moderate look. The bar is compact, so no wastage occurs.


I will give 4.5 out of 5.

Recommendation of the product:

I will happily recommend this product to all the ladies, who wants to use blushers but with a sober look.  Natural colours will enhance the look and add up a glamour on your face. Be it for official use or for party use, this waterproof blusher by Meilin is a perfect buy for all the women.


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