Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green Review


Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green Review

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Hope you had a happy Diwali and are all prepared for holidays. I am travelling to my most favorite Indian destination- Goa. I am so much in love with this place that I am ever ready to get tanned on those sun beds while sipping my drinks. Beach destinations are always fun for me. Do tell me in the comment box below as to where you guys are travelling in this Diwali vacation.

Today my post is going to be regarding budget buy eyeliner from Meilin. The brand name may seem unpopular and infamous. However one of our writers did review a non transferable lipstick from Meilin. I was unaware about this brand too until I came across it in a local store a few months back. The packaging was appealing with the tall cap and since the salesperson insisted I gave it a try and to my surprise I liked it enough to buy one for myself. I have a lot of black and blue eye liners and so for a change this time I gave green eye liner a try.

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Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Product description:

Paint your eyes in deep green and let the eyes do the talking. Decent yet sexy, this eye liner will make you fall in love with it instantly. This water based eye liner is waterproof and will last for long hours.

Product price and quantity:

Don’t remember the price exactly but roughly I bought a 4.3 ml bottle for Rs 120 back then.


07 Deep Green

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green


Key ingredients:

Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Monostearate, Polyethylene glycol 400, Water, Color etc.


The packaging is quite interesting and will catch the eyes immediately. It is a black bottle with a tall screw cap that gets pointed towards the top. The product name and ingredients is mentioned on the bottle and the shade name is mentioned below the bottle.


It is a water based eye liner and due to the thick application brush it’s difficult to get a very thin line of this liner. I also find drawing winged liner a little tough and tricky with this one. The texture is a little runny but once the liner is set, it lasts for a decent long time.

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Pros of Meilin waterproof eyeliner Deep Green:

  • A lot of shade options are available
  • Deep green is a beautiful dark green shade
  • Lasts for a decent long time
  • Easily removable with our regular makeup remover
  • Comes in liquid form which makes the application easy
  • Fancy packaging
  • Travel safe

Cons of Meilin waterproof eyeliner Deep Green:

  • Not widely available
  • Takes a while to set and dry
  • Runny texture
  • Tough to get a winged liner due to its thick application brush
Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

Meilin Waterproof Eyeliner Deep Green

My experience with Meilin waterproof eyeliner Deep Green:

I have tried creating winged liner with this one but the brush is so thick that I failed at it every time. But I can avoid all its cons for the shade is very lovely and it instantly brightens up the eyes. I use it on the upper lid and the quantity provided is quite good as it lasted me a few months. Overall I love this liner and would like to try out some other shades too.


I will rate this particular shade 8.5 out of 10. I am actually in love with the shade itself.

Will I recommend this eye liner again?

Yes. I particularly recommend this deep green shade. It looks very beautiful on the upper lid. I may try out some other shades too, but for now I will recommend you all to try the deep green shade in this eye liner.


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