Metime exfoliating hair removal pads Review


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Today I am going to review an amazing product Metime exfoliating hair removal pads, I have ordered it from online stores and you won’t believe it’s a lovely product . First I use to do waxing for hair removing, but now it’s become so easy to remove unwanted hair. Now a day we get a kit of hair removing pads through which unwanted hair can be removed easily.  So not wasting much time let us move towards the review of this product.

Product Description:

Metime exfoliating hair removal pads are mainly made of rubber pads which buff away unwanted hair and leave your skin smooth. Now there are no more harsh chemicals, waxing or electrolysis. This kit is ideal for buffing away unwanted hair on your upper lips, chin, arms, legs and bikini line.

Direction for use:

  • Use only in circular motions, with slight pressure.
  • Go first in one circular direction and then in the other.
  • Repeat until all the hairs have been removed.
    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads


The packaging includes two hair removal pads and (one large and one small) 5 large refills and 5 small refills and 1 handy travel case. This is packed in a white colored box which is quite attractive and decent. The packaging is so light that you can use it easily during travelling as it may fit anywhere in your hand bag.


The texture of hair removal refills is little rough due to which you can buff away unwanted hair from any part. There is no tension of going to parlor, taking appointment and rushing on time if you have to attend any function or during festivals. Here is an easy way to remove unwanted hair rather than waxing, which is quite comfortable and you can do it easily at home according to your convenience and not wasting much time.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rubber Pads
  • Refill Pads
  • Olive oil wipes
    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

    Metime exfoliating hair removal pads


My Experience with Metime Exfoliating hair removal pads:

First I always use to do waxing for hands and legs as I felt it is the safest way of hair removal, but then I came to know about this product metime exfoliating hair removal pads which are very common in UK. So I thought I should try it once and it was an awesome experience using it, you just have to peel out the sticker from the refill and have to stick it on pink color rubber pad and there is one handle there on upper side, you just have to hold it and move it in circular direction with light pressure and its exfoliating fine particles buff away unwanted hair leaving your skin smooth. And you won’t feel any pain during removing hair as we feel during waxing. So I think there is no other safer way of removing unwanted hair other than this. The big pad is for arms and legs and the small one is for removing the hair from your upper lips chin. So overall it was a good experience using this hair removal kit.


Its price is Rs 150/ for a single pack.

Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

Metime exfoliating hair removal pads


I would rate this product 9 out of 10. 

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

Metime exfoliating hair removal pads

Yes, I would recommend this product again and again as it’s a lovely product and its exfoliating fine particles make the skin smooth to touch and removes hair very delicately without any pain and in few minutes you can see the magic of this kit. I think one should try this product as it’s easy to use and very convenient.


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