Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base Reviews


Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base Reviews

Hello girls, how have you been? Finally, the weather out here in North India has begun to turn summer-ish, minus the chill in early mornings. I guess, these are the best months of the year when everything is so balanced. After all, it is my birthday month!! Jokes apart, Birthday reminds me of a gift, I got. My baby sister knows that she can win me over by giving me any makeup product since, I love doing light makeup for my work and love writing product reviews, too. So, she gifted me a foundation from Meylon Paris. This brand is not so commonly available in regular cosmetic stores in India but you can find it pretty easily on online shopping sites and most of them are offering good discounts on this product. Let us read on further to know more about the good and not so good aspects of this foundation.

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

Product Description

This is an air whipped foundation which assures an impressive coverage to make your complexion appear 100% poreless. It has a light weight and non-greasy texture for comfortable usage. It makes your skin tone look evenly bright. Icing over the cake is that it comes with UV Sun protection ingredients.

Directions of usage:

Take two spurts of this liquid foundation on your palms. Use your finger tips to pat the foundation on your face to cover all the regions. At last, use a foundation brush to distribute the foundation evenly.


Rs.500 (Most sites would give you a 35% OFF)

Key ingredients:

You may refer the image for detailed list

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base


Shelf life:

2 years


The packaging is very thoughtfully done. It is a tube with a screw type cap. The cap- also has a hygienic pump dispenser. The dispenser has a transparent cap over it. Full marks for the packaging.


It has consistency somewhat thicker than a lotion. The texture is smooth and there is no gritty sensation when I apply this which means that the particles are fine and well dissolved in this liquid foundation. For my entire face, I need just one or maximum two spurts of this foundation as shown in the picture.

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

Pros of Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

  • Small quantity needed for a single usage
  • Spreads evenly and easily
  • Water proof
  • Pump dispenser to dispense the product hygienically
  • Easy to carry and pocket friendly

Cons of Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

  • Needs to be set for longer staying power
    Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

    Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

My experience with Meylon Waterproof Professional Foundation Base

I am pretty impressed with this foundation as I need a very less quantity for my entire face. Two spurts are more than enough so, you are sure to save a lot of product. It spreads evenly on face and gives a medium coverage. It forms a veil of even skin tone over your face without looking artificial. I would strongly suggest that you gently pat a blotting paper all over once you are done with application to soak the excess product and then set this with a translucent powder. If you do not do this then your T Zone might turn greasy. However, after setting the foundation properly, you would not experience any irritating greasiness or melt down with this foundation. The staying power is decent enough, say, around 4 to 4.5 hours on an average. The product is sweat proof but not entirely. However, it does a reasonable job in somewhat humid environments. I have not experienced any pimples or breakouts after using this product. The price is very reasonable for the quality. I am so happy that I picked this over my regular foundations as it gives comparable results.


4.5/5, deducting half a mark because nothing is perfect!!

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, do check some online makeup sites and order this as it is very pocket friendly for the results and quantity this product comes with.


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    hi…can you tell me which one is the lightest shade of this foundation….

    • Apoorva Dhuper

      i guess it is a shade called formy. You will have to check online.

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    i thought it to be a primer at 1st :/

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    neatly reviewed!!

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    does it feel cakey on face ?