Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick Reviews


Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick Reviews #348:

Heya ladies.

Today I’m reviewing a red lipstick from Miss Claire. You must be thinking that most of my reviews are lip products, but what to do? I’m a lipstick addict. And when it comes to red, I’m like uhlala 😀 , I need to buy it. I have way too many red lipsticks, but I’ll never have enough of them. What more? After this review, the other review is also going to be about a much hyped red lip color. Keep guessing till then 😉

Getting to today’s review, I completely love warm red lip shades. This particular lipstick is a red lippy with pink undertones. Read on to know if its texture is smooth or just average.

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Product description:

This lipstick has a luminous, silky finish. Innovative formula which produces pure and vibrant color. Glides on easily over the lips and feels comfortable all day. Hypoallergenic. It’s formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

Product price and quantity:

INR 500 for 3.5 g

Key ingredients:

Refer the picture

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick



The packaging is nice and sturdy. The lipstick comes in a black stick with the shade indication at the bottom. No names are gives for different shades; just the shade number is mentioned at the bottom. The shade indication makes it easy to find the desired shade from the stash if you have too many black sticks of lipsticks. The lipstick comes sealed in a plastic wrapper which has the necessary information like the quantity, ingredients etc.


The texture of this lippy is just fine. It’s not very smooth. The texture feels a little thick and doesn’t glide on too easily as claimed. The formula is non-sticky and lightweight.

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Pros of Miss Claire aqua rouge lipstick #348:

  • Beautiful blood red color
  • Non-sticky
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily available
  • Not very drying on lips
  • Gives a nice glossy look
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Most of the information is provided on the sealed plastic
  • Can be easily identified from the stash of lipstick due to the color indication at the bottom
  • Highly pigmented
  • No lip balm is required underneath this lipstick

Cons of Miss Claire aqua rouge lipstick #348:

  • The texture isn’t very smooth
  • A little pricey considering the brand image
  • Low stay power
    Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

    Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

My experience with Miss Claire aqua rouge lipstick #348:

I bought this lipstick from a local makeup store where they sell Miss Claire products. Red lipsticks never fail to catch my eye. I’m an ardent lover of red lips. 348 is a warm re shade which looks loud when applied on lips. It’s a nice party color. The formula isn’t too drying and doesn’t transfer much. It gives a glossy finish to the lips without feeling chappy. No lip balm is needed underneath this lipstick.

The stay power of this lippy is average. It lasts for around 3 hours on my lips after which it starts to fade leaving behind a stain. Even when you rub it off with a makeup remover, the lip stain doesn’t go completely.

The color pigmentation is amazing. One swipe gives complete opaque coverage. Although, if you want to build the color, multiple swipes can be applied but I feel it will get dry on lips then.

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipstick


I will rate it 8 out of 10 since the texture isn’t very smooth and I like qualitative lipsticks.

Would I recommend this product again?

Yes, I do recommend it, but not for the ladies who like smooth textured lipsticks. There are lot better options in red lippies in the market, but there’s no harm in trying this one.


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