Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara Reviews


Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara Reviews

Hey Beautiful Ladies, I read somewhere, that being well groomed boosts confidence, makes you effective at work and improves your overall personality and body posture, and to me, it begins with my eyelashes, oh don’t ask me why?? I hate fake eyelashes and prefer to have my own, so here is my little beauty secret on how I manage to get dewy, shiny, and voluminous eyelashes in an instant. Are you read for it? – Well, I bought this from an online site, just out of curiosity and it turned out to be the best thing, for my eyes.

….So put your hands together for the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara!

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Product Description

  • Formulated with a conditioning gel
  • Gives you a natural looking eyelash
  • Shiny and dewy finish
  • Lifts up droopy eyelashes
  • Separates every strand and gives a voluminous effect
  • Non sticky, light weight and fragrant free
  • Makes your eyelashes look longer 

Skin Synopsis

For people irritant with regular black mascaras, the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara is a must have product. It gives a feathery look, and does not itch or irritate your eyes.

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara


Directions for usage

  • Simply, run the bristles through your eyelashes with strokes going upward from rim of the eye lashes.
  • you can re-apply as many times you want for a more dewy and shinier eyelash

Price Tag

A bottle of 8 ml Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara is priced just a little as 2 pounds. 


It comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a cap, having an extend end with soft bristles. A very handy sized bottle, it needs to be kept in a cooler place.

Shelf life

Nothing is mentioned about the shelf life, but I think it would do good for about a year.

Key Ingredients

Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Polyvinyl, Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben 

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara


It is more sort of a gel based texture and is very light and non-sticky. The best bite, is that it does not dry out like a brittle, but helps keep the eyelashes look hydrated and healthy.

Pros of Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

  • Best budget mascara
  • Easy on the eyes and not too heavy
  • Supports and strengthens eyelashes
  • Defines and lengthens your lashes

Cons of Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

  • Nothing, as I can think of, as its good value for money!
Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

My experience with Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

I like to keep my eye make-up minimal and so, would prefer to keep my eyelashes well-groomed and in place, so this does a perfect job for my eyes. There is no fear of smudging, curling eyelashes, or just even fixing fake ones. It is quick fix, and works for me, so I might continue to use it, for a while – or until I find something better. You end up looking with swirled and perfect lengthened eyelashes, with a dewy look, and that is something, that we all want to look all through the day.

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara



Whether I would recommend this product again?

I would say, yes and no, because, those who have been using the regular black mascara, would definitely find it a let-down, on the other hand, it’s good for those, who love to have something simple, light and not too heavy. It is good to use it on a regular basis to keep your eyelashes hydrated and is easy on the money, so it is a safe bet- Go ahead and try it!


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