Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer Review


Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer Review

Hey girls,

Today, I am going review a new product that is Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer. One day I went shopping for cream and other body materials, I saw these in the Essensual counter, couldn’t avoid I lifted them up: Essensual 20 silky base collection has reddened in the reach.

The flushed and Essensual 20 silky base have diverse color palette than the general Essensual stuff. I got an Essensual silky base and a flushed team in coral. I am happy that, we have such type of base present in the market which acts as a primer for all make-up.

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

Product Description:

Silky base includes a sheer, matte texture in one smooth layer. You can use everywhere throughout the face or in the T-zone to diminish the presence of sparkle and to smooth the surface of the skin.

Direction for Use:

Apply silky base after lotion however before foundation to make preparations for cosmetics.

Shelf Life:

15 months

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 595 of 30 ml


It come in a white tube with screw on top, nothing truly favor however I like it extraordinarily the spout. I have dependably been attached to practical packaging.

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer


My skin feels saturated and hydrated promptly. Not just that, I even feels a glow on utilizing this moisturizer. I was extremely standard with this cream and toner, when my skin was full with pimple. After around 1-2 weeks, I began my skin looking clearer step by step. I think it is good for base of the make-up, yet this cream worked for controlling pimples. 

Key Ingredients:

Dimethicone, isododecane, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone cross polymer, trisiloxane, BHT.

Pros of Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer:

  • It does what it guarantees. Gives sheer, matte completion. So full stamps for that. :)
  • Aroma , shade and parable free
  • Silicon free yet dimethicone is no less.
  • Helpful for both oily and dry skin.
  • Makes my skin super smooth.
  • Foundation spreads effortlessly and mixes easily.
  • Cosmetics stays new for long.
  • Little products go far.

Cons of Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer:

  • Gives no lighting up impact.
  • Does nothing about the pore size.
  • Contains dimethicone.
  • Value may be minimal soak yet 30 ml. goes far.
    Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

    Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer


My experience on Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer:

This is my first experience with this and I am truly attracted with this. It is has become very compulsory item for me, whatever point I am using makeup. It prepares my skin truly beauty, covers the flaws and gives a silky smooth completion.

I generally make it a point to apply lotion underneath since I have dry skin. It has clear, thick, gel sort consistency, it works well. It works before long and gets absorbs easily. It functions admirably for my sister too; she has oily skin inflammation involve in skin. She avoids her lotion when utilizing this product.

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

Modicare Essensual Matte Finish Primer

My Rating:

I will give 7 out of 10. It has a truly pleasant smell, but not exceptionally solid and it stays for just about couple of hours in the wake of applying the cream. Though my skin is pimple inclined, this item does not break me out.

Whether I would recommend this product again: 

This one does its job really well. In the event that you are on a search for a good makeup base, or in the event that you generally discover mixing pain, then this is the item for you.

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