Moving on with the LATEST trend


Moving on with the LATEST trend !!

Hello everyone. Don’t you find it difficult to decide regarding what should be your attire for any upcoming occasion, or wedding or your college prom? No matter what the size is; but finding a perfect dress is always a hard matter.

Often there is such occasion, where you know very well that the dress you are going to buy won’t be worn or used again. Bridal gowns are one of the most common examples.  There are several parties, weddings, and other occasions and celebrations all round the year. Thankfully there are dress making companies, whose primary focus is on the beauty of the dress.

Dressmakers are putting an end to the frustration by designing as well as creating beautiful dresses, specially designed to make you look glamorous and attractive.

But there are several dress makers and designers, who overcharge for their services. Thankfully we have KOKO.KAT. Recently I bought myself a stunning and bold Shangri La Xao sleeveless top and believe me they never overcharged me in the process.


Located in Crown Interiors Mall, Faridabad, it is an outlet for fashion clothing as well as accessories. KOKO.KAT is well known for the styles they create which are affordable but have similar looks and appearance like high end designer dresses.

It has been tailoring designer dresses since a long time. They tailor dresses, mainly for special occasions, parties, proms or any such similar occasion.

The Striped Gaga & pleated Satchel

A ball or a prom night in your college is one of the most important occasions. These types of occasions give ladies a rare opportunity to get really dressed up in prom dresses. Most of us occasionally use such formal clothing. Shorter dresses are preferable as cocktail dresses. Last year I got this cocktail dress for me to attend a beach side cocktail party. I was informed in a very short notice and I was totally unaware of what to wear. Thanks to KOKO.KAT. They got this set of the striped Gaga with the pleated satchel dress precisely for this cocktail party. Believe me friend it was greatly appreciated by most of my friends in the party.

The Shangri La Xao

Moving on with the LATEST trend

Moving on with the LATEST trend

The Chinese New Year was a few months back. At that time of the year we planned to arrange a small get together at China Town. Though it was a small get together, yet we all decided to have a Chinese dress code. I was very much unsure about my attire for that evening. I was quite upset, when I found the official page of KOKO.KAT on the Face book. The Shangri La Xao was in the list of the new arrivals and I just got stuck in my eyes. Wow the pretty design and the ethnic Chinese flower patterns greatly tempted me. Within few hours I bought myself this Shangri La Xao dress for that evening.

The Krypton Tunic

Moving on with the LATEST trend

Moving on with the LATEST trend


At KOKO.KAT, you will find a collection of bold and beautiful dresses that would surely tempt you. For some social occasion, where you cannot get too bold and stunning, you may go for the Krypton tunic. It is one of the new arrivals of it.

Moving on with the LATEST trend

Moving on with the LATEST trend

With a Krypton shaped cut in the back and random black and white spots on the dress, it would surely enhance your beauty and make you look more glamorous and beautiful. Available in just one color variant the Krypton tunic is an idle dress, specially tailored for events like weddings, parties, socials occasions and more.

You can get these elsewhere too thus let me know when you find these about it.


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