My Envy Box Giveaway 3 Winners


My Envy Box Giveaway 3 Winners

Hi Girlzz.!!

It’s a great time of the year to  gift you all some goodies. so Makeupera is here with a “Spring Summer season” giveaway. We make an effort to bring you regular giveaways because we love our readers. Our New year giveaway was a huge success. Do participate in the current giveaway and promote it on social media to win awesome prizes ..!! Your skin deserves special attention this Summer. Patch up your make-up bag and skin care range with these lovely products. Get to try some exclusive International products with this giveaway sponsored by the Envy box. Who does not like free stuff.



My envy box” is a beauty box that reaches your doorstep each month. It contains 5 sample sized beauty/ skincare/makeup products from elite, international brands. The team at Envy box makes an effort to reach out to brands that are not so commonly available in India and give the subscribers the privilege to try samples of well known, luxury brands.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


At the end of the giveaway, we will pick 3 winners out of all the participants. You would need to follow all the steps in Rafflecoptor. Each step is mandatory.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The contest will run for exactly 10 days at the end of which the prize winners will be announced right here.
  • The giveaway provides easy one time entries and you can fill them by using the Rafflecopter above.
  • Any entry which in the sole opinion of MakeupEra is deemed inappropriate or which otherwise violates MakeupEra Usage Policy or Terms of Service will be removed, the entrant may be disqualified, and the entry will be disregarded.
  • MakeupEra is responsible for the collection, submission or processing of entries or the overall administration of the Contest. Entrants should contact MakeupEra with any questions, comments or problems related to the Contest.

So, why you are waiting, make your entries and keep your fingers crossed because you could be our lucky winners. Enjoy the every moment of life and always “ Be Stylish and Spicy”.


About Author

Apoorva Dhuper aka ( Pearl ) is from New Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.

  • pranathi

    wow wow wow….Envy box for Giveaway..amazing cant say no to it dear… I wud love to win envy box bcoz it has got much stuff which a girl needs from skin care to make up…and those pretty cute boxes wow lovely packaging & Travel friendly…
    Name – pranathi
    Fb name- jpreddy

    shared it on FB
    Thank a lot lot lot Dear…

    • pearl

      Do share on twitter and tag ten friends on Facebook… The more you promote, the more your chances of wining Pranathi !!

      • pranathi

        ok done dear :)

        • pranathi

          sharing daily on twitter & facebook :)
          twitter – @ransprans
          facebook- jpreddy

          • pranathi

            yay dear gave my best… thank you…. :)

  • Mala Negandhi

    Thank You for such a lovely giveaway.. I would love to win this cute Envy Box to envy my girl friends 😉 Haha..Jokes Apart..It has everything that a girl desires..The best makeup brands that can completely make my look :) It is an all in one package that helps me look my best :)
    Keeping my fingers crossed :)

    • pearl

      All the best, Mala

  • Nisha kolay

    would love to win envy box because undoubtedly they have the most fashionable collection and what they show they sell. 100% genuine products.. N I love those pretty boxes.. It has all the things which a girl want.. I really really want to win this..

    • pearl

      Participate and you might just win, Nisha!!

  • Being Anki….!!!!

    waoo.. first of all thanks for the awsm giveaway… i have never used envy box bt have always heard a lot about it.. it has many awsm products which every girl dream of using.. it cn create its magic nd solve many skin problems of any girl.. so even i want to use it..
    done wid all the rules.. nd so desperately wish to win this.. thanks…:)

    • pearl

      you will get to try out some nice skin care / makeup products. Enter through rafflecopter and you could be a lucky winner!!

      • Being Anki….!!!!

        already done dear.. so so wish to win dis.. trying my best in both fb nd twitter…:)


    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww ENVY BOX totally i need it so all those peeps out there will envy me 😛 my friend did gift me envy box once and i must say the quality was superb also you get to try all lovely premium brands.and the best part is you get it at the comfort of your home. so envy box is basically PREMIUM BRANDS+BUDGET FRIENDLY+COMFORT OF YOU HOME

    • pearl

      well said Raveena!! Do participate, dear

  • Shradha

    Who wouldn’t want to win the Envy Box?
    And well I most importantly want to because..I have never had the opportunity to buy/win and envy box ever…Although I always wanted one!
    I have always admired the My Envy Boxes and think its named very aptly, coz everyone envies those who have it! 😛
    So this time I definitely want to win it for being a loyalist to the brand and also an avid reader of the Makeupera blog!! 😀

    • pearl

      Do participate Shradha and promote the giveaway to increase your chances of winning!!

  • Tanya

    This looks so fun!!!

  • Geeta

    Many people love you Pearl… for this awesome giveaway :) :) :)…

    I am a curious enthusiast about beauty boxes…. Envy box being the much awaited box every month…..

    I am so eager to know what this wonderful box contains… so I end up searching images reviews of this box from second day of every month :p
    Would love to get this beauty!!!

    Cheers:) :) :)

  • Geeta


  • Ekta Vaswani

    I would love to win The envy Box as I have heard a lot about the Brand and the beautiful samples of various International brands that they offer at affordable prices. But never got a chance to try any. So it would be great if I could win a free sample and if I find it appealing enough might just become their next big permanent customer since I love to indulge in beauty products :)

    • pearl

      you might just get lucky..

      • Ekta Vaswani

        Would love to :)


    Hello dear, thankyou soo much for this giveaway :)

    I want to win this envy Box for my sister . I’ve entered your giveaway by following all the steps told by you . Wish to get lucky and receive this Amazing Envy box once :)

    • pearl

      All the very best Simar.. Do promote the giveaway to increase your odds of winning.

  • pearl

    Do perticipte and follow all the steps through rafflecoptor.. best of luck!

  • aparna

    Hey, i have participated and am really looking forward to win!!

  • naina

    fabulous giveaway….

  • ritu saluja

    want to try it before subscribing it

    • pearl

      participate dear

  • Manisha Garg

    I have never tried the My Envy Box and it would great if I win one to see the box is and try new products… Plus its my birthday so it would be a nice bday gift

    • pearl

      best of luck

  • Nishat Anjum

    Thankss for this awesum Giveaway.
    I wanna win this April My Envy Box for myself as my anniversary is coming on 25th April.I would like to try this box as it is carraying a sample of international brands. :) I will be luckiest lady if i got this
    Done all the steps
    wish to win.

    • pearl

      All the best… promote more and more!!

  • pearl

    best of luck,.. hope you completed all the steps

  • Shilpa Bindlish

    Hi Apoorva

    I want to win the “My Envy Box” to make my frnz envious of me 😉 lolz, just kidding. I have just heard at length about Envy Box and the surprise factor it holds everytime. I wud love to experience the excitement n thrill that comes along when it is delivered to a fashionista. Can’t just explain how my heart yearns to own one for me !!

    Hope to be lucky. completed all the steps.

    Shilpa Bindlish

    • pearl

      you would get to try some lovely products for sure if you follow all the steps and promote the giveaway

      • Shilpa Bindlish

        Will promote fr sure n the steps HV been completed already :)

  • Cherry

    Thanks for an awesome give away, Apoorva! You have certainly brought the for your readers :)

    I have heard so much about ‘My Envy Box’ that I really want to lay my hands on it and get pampered. The monthly beauty box is enough to make girls feel loved. Something to look forward to every month, its a treat for for fashion & beauty lovers! And of course, I want to make my BFF’s go green with envy with ‘My Envy Box’ 😀 😀

    Followed all the steps. Now fingers and toes crossed :)

    • pearl

      increase your likelihood of winning by promoting on social media

  • Shobhika

    Wow wow my envy box giveaway <3 waiting for a long time fr dis giveaway. I would love to win this giveaway bcoz I HD NVR trued my envy box products n I want to win a box full of beauty products for me coz i love makeup n to look stylish :-)

    • pearl

      Hope you participated

  • pearl

    best of luck

    • Shilpa Shetty

      Thank u Pearl,…

  • Radika Sriram

    Hi Apoorva,

    I would totally love to win the My Envy Box giveaway for this cousin of mine who turns 18 this month. As a young teen going on to college I think My Envy Box has all the basics that’ll help her make the great first impression at interviews and in her college. Eventually, I am sure she’ll be hooked to this once she finds out what an amazing little box this is.
    Hoping to get lucky :)

  • suzanna charly

    Hi DOLL, winning envy box is the most beautiful thing. Every girl loves it because it comes in a cute package. The box also has beautiful products in it :) wow.. I want win it, can’t wait to get it to my hands :) and also Iam the birthday girl of this month, this makes my birthday perfect. #bestgift for my birthday.

  • Krutika Khanna

    I will like to win my envy box hamper for my beautiful sister. She has been with me through all my hard times and therefore there’s no better way to thank her for everything than winning this beautiful prize for her..

  • heena modi

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I want to win this cute envy box for my beloved best friend. She loves experimenting with cosmetics and therefore this will be the best gift for her. Please make me win this.

  • Shivani Mehta

    I want to win this contest badly. I certainly want to try out the much-talked-about envy box. Done with all the steps. Fingers crossed.

  • Hi Apporva

    Whoa! Bumped into your website/blog and glued to it. So many awesome Reviews. Thanks a Bunch. :)

    I would love to win the My Envy Box because I have heard a lot about it, but sadly couldn’t get my hands on. Really wanna try once before I subscribe for it 😉 Being a Makeup-Junkie I really wanna pamper myself with international luxury beauty products. Who doesn’t want 😉
    Wanna envy my friends and making “his” eyes pop and jaws drop 😉

    Thank you for the Giveaway! Followed all the steps and yes please be my Spring Santa <3

    • pearl

      hope you win:)

      • Thank you sooo much :) *Apke muh mai ghee shakkar* 😀

  • Lavina

    Thank u dear for hosting this awesome giveaway..Have been waiting to try Myenvybox ever since I got to know about it, the reason being their awesome features & luxury beauty brands they send every month..Since my skin is extremely sensitive so it makes sense to try out the products sent by Myenvybox before deciding the best product for my skin & purchasing it :) #hopetogetlucky #fingerscrossed

    • pearl

      best of luck

  • Sujata Bansod

    hello, Apoorva, thax for having such a nice n wow giveaway. I would like to win this cool envy box as I love cosmetic n I am planning to go out of station to celebrating my birthday I would like to look pretty good with this envy box content. My dream will cum true so I wanna this box for me, for to enhance my look :) this is right platform for me to win.

    • pearl

      hope you participate.. all the best

  • Gunjan Matah

    Hey First of all many many thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!!

    So if you ask y i would like to win April My Envy Box then i would say…who doesnt love surprizes and gifts…Moreover the first thing that my heart says is its most unique name and the zillions of sweetness thats packed inside it!!!

    Its a complete package of trending cosmetics that are hard to find and owe…its more like a bumper prize to owe it!!! Its the bundle of Joy, the happiness box. I am in love with the cute colorful packing that shows the amount of love and affection it carries.

    Its perfect package to pamper own-self, a package that spreads happiness the moment it opens up :) the products inside the My Envy box takes care of d choices each girl holds and dreams as its specially handpicked by the owners of this awesome and fabulous concept!

    One word that describes ‘My Envy Box’ is ‘Endless-love’.

    I would love to be the lucky winner to reward myself with this box of endless love and happiness and loving cosmetic products!

    My Envy box brings to door step those luxury international products which are hard to find in India and lets you give it a try with such an economical price :) :)

    Hats off the owners of this brilliant concept…you people are really spreading happiness!!!

    Also,many many thanks to MakeUpEra – an amazing blog for bringing such an amazing giveaway…thanks for bringing smile to my face :) :)

    Its a Luxurious Dream to Owe My Envy Box <3

    • pearl

      interesting answer!! do participate :)

      • Gunjan Matah

        Yayyyy…just few hours more….Super excited to know d results!!! Have followed all rules…Wish to be happy go lucky with My Envy Box… <3

  • Koyeli S. Chakraborty

    Hi Apoorva,
    How are you? Hope you are doing well there! Really it’s great to see another dashing giveaway here! Actually it’s quite common here, you always give us lovely surprises and giveaways!
    Well, your question is why I want to win April My Envy Box and I have to answer it! I would like to tell you the trouth; that, since long time, I follow the Facebook page of ‘My Envy Box’, and very curious to know that what are the things, they give exactly in the box! I want to subscribe for monthly box but want to confirm about the box! So, if I will win the ‘April My Envy Box’, I can know how lovely the box and can decide about subscription. And yes, off course I love to win fabulous stuffs at your page always!
    That’s all for today. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway! Have a nice day. :)


    • pearl

      do participate mam!! do follow all steps

      • Koyeli S. Chakraborty

        Yes dear, I have done! :)

  • Pallavi Rohatgi

    Hi Aoorva di…
    I’ve always been an avid follower of your blog ever since the day I joined in…Thanx a tonne for the great giveaway…I’ve always heard praises of the Envy Box but never had the opportunity to use it..I’m glad you are giving me a chance here to try out my luck…

    I want to try these products out so that my other friends can ENVY me 😛 …Ever since I entered my teenage years I’ve always tried and tested different looks and products…Every female be it a young girl or an old lady wants to look her best every now and then and so do I…Since its the April Envy Box and here in India we don’t really have a good spring and its directly summers after winters so,the things inside the pretty box will let me have the sensations of the Springs…

    Rest always love your blog and you..Hope you touch the milestones of succeess…
    Tried for the Oriflame New Year Giveaway the last time but hard luck…
    Being optimistic for this time..Hope April proves out to be my month :) Fingers crossed…

    Warm regards :*

    • pearl

      all the best for this time

      • Pallavi Rohatgi

        Few minutes to go…Just trying to be optimistic… Fingers tightly crossed …gave up my best…Hope this envy box brings a box full of joy to me… :)

  • Ghazala Naseem

    Nice Giveaway.
    Done all the steps.
    I would like to win Envy Box because I am very curious to know What products it contains , I love to try new cosmetics and skin care products so this would be a perfect gift for me.

    • pearl

      promote and increase your chances of winning

  • Mamta Jadhav

    The only and beautiful reason to win this amazing giveaway is
    “to make every girl “envy” of me. :-)
    The products are BEST, the try out system is UNIQUE, the brand names associated are WELL-KNOWN & and feeling you get is premium. SO Its
    a win-win situation for me.

    Mamta J

  • Bhuvan

    Heya thanks a billioooooon for the giveaway! Each week I check up on your blog and I was extremely happy and excited to hear that you were giving away My envy box products . I have basic knowledge of fashion and makeup and always felt I don’t know the bigger brands. I don’t like the feeling of it. I don’t usually go shopping for higher end makeup and skin care etc so it would be pretty amazing if I won this!! 😀 I’ve looked at your blog and I’m wondering how It’s confident boosting to have such a flawless skin ! I won’t go on and on about how I love you and your blog, but I’ll just say that I read it and I have actually tried out some of the things you’ve mentioned and I hope you continue making more and more blogs!! I would also like you to do a blogs on different beginners stuffs Anyways good luck to everyone else and kudos for whoever wins!!

    • pearl

      best of luck dear

  • Mamta Jadhav

    The only and beautiful reason to win this amazing giveaway is
    “to make every girl “envy” of me. :-)
    The products are BEST, the try out system is UNIQUE, the brand names associated are WELL-KNOWN & and feeling you get is PREMIUM. So Its
    a win-win situation for me.

    Mamta J

    • pearl

      do participate and follow all the steps

      • Mamta Jadhav

        Hi dear pearl,
        I have followed all steps. Pl chk and confirm if any of the steps are left out.
        Mamta J

  • cutiful blogger

    I would like to win this box for my mother.she  deserve all luxury

    • pearl


  • Lavina

    Hi Apoorva followed all d steps & also commented below the reason why I want it :) Give some tips to earn more brownie points 😉

    • pearl

      sure.. share and promote as much as you can!!

      • Lavina

        OK thanks a bunch dear.. trying to share & promote as much as possible :) Cheers!!

  • Kavita Nayak

    For me My Envy Box is nothing less then a treasure box. Each product in it is like a jewel in itself. And winning this giveaway would be like a dream come true for me. Making me feel the most richest & luckiest person on the earth as I would win not only precious products for my skin but also lots of love, joy & happiness with it.

    • pearl

      promote to increase your changes of winning

  • Divya Asha

    I love to win April My Envy Box because it has so many skincare products. I love to try out different skincare products and experiment which one is the best. I’ve never made any purchase with My envy box. But I’d love to buy from them. Let me see ! If I win, it would be the beginning to purchase my monthly subscriptions with them, because I first wanna try how their products are ! Hoping to win this great giveaway :)

    • pearl

      do participate..

  • Devika Himesh Jain

    Hello dr apoorva
    This is my very first interaction with you.I recently came to know about your blog and am so elated to learn that you are a Dentist too and doing such an amazing job being a Blogger too.
    Well thanks for this amazing box every girl would drool over.i would love to ein this so gorgeous Envy box because i want to really want to use the high ended hifi brands and feel classy about using them. They are so eye catchy and yes i guess am falling in love witj these and it seems soon i ll end up subscribing them. So i really badly desperatly want to win this. This will be my very first experience with it and how bful it would be if this experience is a Gifted one….

    • pearl

      do participate dear.. wish you all the very best

  • pearl

    complete all entries through rafflecopter!!

  • Guest

    hey! its a lovely giveaway.

    the reason

    • pearl

      do join the contest

  • Beautiful Sparkles

    hey! its a lovely giveaway!
    the reason I wanna win it because i’ve heard alot about My Envy box as they send samples of products of world rennowned brands and as the name says My envy box will surely make everyone envy me when they see me with this cutie box filled with goodies. its a box of happiness delivered at doorstep every month and its so exciting no? its like a gift from me to myself every month! i havent tried it yet but i’m eager to try it and hence if I win it and experience it myself I would subscribe to it too.
    so would love to win it as its my mom’s bday month. :)

  • Devika Himesh Jain

    Hello dr apoorva
    This is my very first interaction with you.I recently came to know about your blog and am so elated to learn that you are a Dentist too and doing such an amazing job being a Blogger too.
    Well thanks for this amazing box every girl would drool over.i would love to ein this so gorgeous Envy box because i want to really want to use the high ended hifi brands and feel classy about using them. They are so eye catchy and yes i guess am falling in love witj these and it seems soon i ll end up subscribing them. So i really badly desperatly want to win this. This will be my very first experience with it and how bful it would be if this experience is a Gifted one…

  • Shweta

    Hello Apoorva .Firstly,Thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway.
    I would love to win the April My Envy Box as i would love to try the products of international brands which are not so easily available in India…and the second reason is very silly…that is….I love winning and who wont love to win a box full of branded goodies 😉 I would love to pamper myself with these goodies.Thankyou so much.Wish to win.

  • Sugandha Dixit

    Hi DEar
    How will u select winnesr ??

  • Being Anki….!!!!

    trying my best sharing it everyday on twitter as well as fb.. so so wish to win dis.. hope u noticing all…
    fb- ankita agarwal
    twitter- @princess_anshu

  • Shilpa Bindlish

    thnx for the win :)

    • Neeraj Kumar

      congratulations :)