NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat Reviews


NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat Reviews

Hi beauties hope you all are doing well. Recently for grocery shopping I visited reliance supermarket with my mom so as usual I ran off to the cosmetics department but to my disappointment they did not have any collection as such. There I saw these cute nail paint bottles, I am obsessed by anything which has glitter so naturally I was attracted t these cute nail paints, so I bought them. What I noticed was that these are not manufactured by reliance, these are manufactured by a brand named VIVA and distributed by reliance. So basically these nail paints are only available in reliance. In my last post i wrote about the disappointing Colorbar I-define eye pencil Midnight Black 007 do check it out. So now let’s see how do these nail paints fare.

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

Product Description of NAIL TRENDS top nail art coat

There is no product description mentioned as such on the product, but these nail paints are supposed to be top coat for nail arts.

Direction for Use

Shake gently and apply two coats

(They have nowhere mentioned that this is to be used over a nail paint but I would suggest you should refrain from applying it directly, read my experience and you will know why am i saying that)

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat


Shelf Life

Three months from the date of manufacturing

Price & Quantity 

INR 50 for 5ml


These nail paints come in very small cute bottles, which are very easily breakable i already broke one. They have mentioned the shade name on the top. Overall i don’t think they are travel friendly because they are very easily breakable even under small amount of force. The brush provided is good and quite effective


The texture of these nail paints is kind of thick something like fevicol. It more of like glitter mixed in fevicol.

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

Key Ingredients

Nowhere mentioned on the product, i hate products which do not have ingredient list mentioned on them

Pros of NAIL TRENDS top nail art coat

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful shades
  • Attractive shades
  • Dries fast

Cons of NAIL TRENDS top nail art coat

  • Very difficult to remove it (you need a very strong nail polish remover)
  • Availability is an issue, as these are only available in reliance 
NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

NAIL TRENDS Top Nail Art Coat

My Experience with NAIL TRENDS top nail art coat

My experience with these nail paints is more of a love-hate relation. The only reason I bought these nail paints was because I am obsessed with glitter and i thought these would be a cheap copy of maybellines glitter mania. I was very excited to try them out so i instantly applied it , so next day when I wanted to apply he different shade i tried removing, it was a night mare , I literally had to scratch my nails to remove the glitter particles which stuck on my nail, which left me with scratched nails.

The colours which i bought are pretty attractive and look quite good if used on a nail polish and are comparatively easy to remove than if applied directly. Coming to the staying power they stay easily for 4-5 days without chipping. I am a swimmer, so the chlorinated water also dint cause it to chip so i am pretty impressed on that part.



Minus two because it is very difficult to remove it   

Whether I would recommend NAIL TRENDS top nail art coat

Yes the shades are quite good also cheap but i won’t say these are must buy.


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