Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel


Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Girls, this post is special because this is our 100th blog post on our website. The amazing response and hits that we have got on our blog are quite encouraging. We hope and promise to bring you more and more interesting and informative posts.

So, why not make this 100th post special by writing about something which is supposed to the best natural and widely available plant i.e. Aloe Vera.

I am quite aware of the goodness of aloe Vera. There are many aloe Vera plants growing in my backyard. I often try to peel and scoop and then extract the gel out of the plant. But it is too much tedious for me and at times irritates the skin as well if applied raw directly from the plant.  So one day I finally decided to buy some aloe Vera gel and use it, rather than extracting it from the plants. I went for the Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel. I came to know about this product from my hairdresser in the salon. Believe me, I was really pleased with results of this product after I used it myself.

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Product Description

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel’s uses the goodness of aloe Vera plants from its natural extracts, along with the modern manufacturing technologies and finally offer you a moisturizing gel, which is quite ideal for protecting your skin from sun damage, and softening the skin. The Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel is also an ideal immunizing agent, against certain skin ailments, such as itchy skin conditions, dry skin or acne. The Nature’s Aloe Vera promises you pampered, soft and glowing skin; and really it does as it say.

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel


The key ingredients of the Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel are as follows:

Direction for Use

The procedure for the usage of this product is very much simple. Firstly you need to cleanse your face and the part of the skin where you want to apply the gel. Next apply the gel over the face and massage softly. Massage gently for a minute or so for softening the skin and protecting it form any kind of environmental pollutants. As per my personal experience, it is ideal to use daily.

My Experience with Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

I have been using the Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel since last two years and I have got amazing results. The mild fragrance of the gel is quite pleasant. The gel looks green, but it goes sheer when applied. The gel might feel a bit sticky while applying, but it does not stay long. I have used this product in summer and it has helped to me to keep my skin moisturized even under the scorching heat of the sun. You can use it after a clean up facial at home. The Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel is an alternative to many serums.

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

Pros of Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

  • Ideal for oily skin as well as dry skin
  • Applicable over minor cuts and bruises
  • Ideal for use after threading or waxing
  • Affordable Price
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Can be used daily to moisturize the face

Cons of the Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel

  • Gets a little sticky on the face (for few minutes)
  • Shelf life is only for 2 years
  • Discrepancy in the list of key ingredients.

Compared to the price of the Nature’s Aloe Vera Face Massage Gel to other similar products, I would surely repurchase this product. It is quite an awesome product for dry and sensitive skins.


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    I have tried this product before! Its terrible

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    Not a good option for oily skin :(

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      Can you suggest an alternative for this one please :)

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