Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack Reviews


Natures essence diamond face pack Reviews

Hello again to my dearest readers. Today I am going to introduce a product which I think is one of the most innovative one! Usually when we buy a face pack or face mask it has a clay-like texture or is really creamy one! But today in this article you are going to experience about a product which has changed the age old trend of a face pack being in a clay form! The Natures essence diamond face pack is a all nee product which is a gel based formulation. This is the most amazing property that I found in this pack. To know more amazing facts about this product please read further.

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Product description

This product from Natures essence is based on natural ingredients which contain almond oil, honey wax. This helps to lift the skin, improve the texture and complexion and also offer a lasting shine on the skin surface.

Direction for use

To use this product you need to cleanse your face properly with all the scrubbing and exfoliation process. Then directly apply this gel face pack on your face the same way you apply any other normal pack. Let it stay on your face for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off completely. You may also apply the pack on your neck area also.

Shelf life

3 years.

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack



Rupees 230


About the packaging I would say that it is average looking one. Not so attractive. But inside the white bottle it is sealed well with a plastic detachable cap.

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack


Texture is the most unique feature in this face pack and also is one of the main reason of buying this product. The texture is in a pure gel form. You might feel that it is an exfoliating gel but it is not! It is just like a face pack but in a gel form.

Key ingredients

Mentioned below.

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Pros of Natures essence diamond face pack.

  • This gel based face pack leaves your skin fully hydrated.
  • The face pack also provide a glow on my face after application
  • This is a new form of a face pack so it is the most amazing property.
  • Has a good fragrance
  • Good coverage! A handsome amount is enough to spread all over my face and neck.

Contains natural ingredients and no chemicals.

  • Cons of Natures essence diamond face pack.
  • The packaging is one thing which I didn’t found good.
Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

Natures Essence Diamond Face Pack

My experience with Natures essence diamond face pack.

Well, I mostly use this product at weekends when I have to do my routine facial or cleansing process. I really found this product as a good buy beacuse the after effects of the “gel face pack” is really good. Firstly, it does not leave my skin dry instead it fills up the water level in my skin layers and I could really feel that it is working upon my skin. As it is a gel based face pack so there were no cracks made after drying and I did not felt any stretch or itchiness on my skin at all. It also helped to remove my dead skin cells and the pigmented area also got a bit lightened than before and made my skin felt softer than before. In all the entire product is a good buy.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes I would surely recommend this new face pack for summer season.  As it is a gel based formula which helps to keep my skin hydrated, you may also use it with cucumber it will result best.


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  • Brinda

    Love natures essence products :d

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    does it give a glow to face?

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    wish it came with a spatula :(

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    made my skin break out :/