Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun Reviews


Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun Reviews

Hello beautiful! Last weekend I got a chance to get a free facial and spa! It was a treat to me. Also, as I wanted a new face cream badly so from the parlor itself I purchased the new product too! I purchased because in my facial treatment this was applied on my face at the end of the massage and the results of the cream were awesome! Also, we can use this cream as a daily wear cream too! As I already had 2 products from nature essence so I brought this too! Talking about the brand, Natures essence is one of the most demanding products these days as mostly consumers are attracted towards those products which are based on natural ingredients, and this brand is one of such.

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Product description

Nature’s essence brings you a all new oil free cream which is useful to cover the freely treated skin with natural products. This cream comes with the ingredients to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. It also leaves a glossy appearance thereafter to provide your skin a natural looking glow.

Direction for use

Take a reasonable amount of the cream on to your finger and apply it directly on the face by placing small dots on cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Then rub the cream softly on the face. Apply it on neck area also.

Shelf life

3 years

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun



Rupees 225


Comes in a plastic tube. The tube is of pale yellow color. (Very bad packaging) it also has a white flip cap on it. The tube is quite big and contains 60 gm content in it.

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun


The cream is really thick! Take fewer amounts while applying. As it might create stickiness on the face after application! Also, the cream gets absorbed quickly in the layers of the skin. After application this wonderful cream gives a glossy effect and my skin appears like “glowing in the sunlight”. This cream also contains shimmer particles which can only be seen after application of the cream only.

Key ingredients

Mentioned below.

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Pros of Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

  • The cream is made from natural products so there are no chemical used.
  • The cream provides a “natural glow” like effect after application
  • Really easy to use
  • Though it is a after facial cream but it can be used as a daily wear cream also
  • Has a really nice and soothing fragrance
  • The cream contains shimmer particles also which helps to give a glowing effect

Cons of Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

  • Not good for summer season.
  • Not good to apply if you have oily skin.
Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

My experience with Natures essence DIAMOND POLISH oxysun

As I have a normal skin so this cream was good to my skin texture. The first thing which I liked about this cream was that it has a very nice and soothing smell. As this cream comes with a SPF property so this was a cherry on the cake. Well this cream from nature’s essence is a good product in terms of doing a good facial treatment. Also, the cream covers my pigmented areas as well. This is a new property I found in a cream. In the entire entire product is a good buy for normal and dry skin types. Not recommended for dry skin.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes I will recommend this cream as it is a good product for daily use as well. Also the cream is favorable if you are looking for a after bath lotion in summers.


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    dont require an after facial cream … but good review

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    i have oily skin. will it suit me?

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    sounds like an impressive product

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