Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk Reviews


Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk Reviews

Hello ladies so as we are all very keen to know about new products there Feedback they’re good or bad effects and etc.! We must always prefer our pre make up products or skin care getting from a brand which produce non- chemical based products. So today I have got a product all the way from Natures essence! Before doing any facial or makeup we always need a good toner that can clean our skin perfectly and evenly. Or when mixing up a powdered form of a facial or scrub we need an effective toner So I have brought you a good toner which is easy to use and effective from nature essence. Reason for choosing this brand is clear that I always prefer using product which does not contain much of chemical substances.

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Product description

This product from Natures essence is a wonderful product which helps to rehydrate your skin. The door no provides your skin with all the minerals and is a natural base product the toner comes in a small bottle which helps you to Carry a daily in your bag.

Direction for use

Use this Diamond Serum by mixing it in a base the base maybe a facial powder or Scrub powder or any massage cream for better results add a proportionate amount of the serum with the powder. You may also use the toner alone by taking some amount on cotton and cleaning your fees thereby.

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk


Shelf life

Three years


90 rupees (vary if you buy online)


The toner comes in a white transparent bottle. The packaging is average and has a screw cap. The screw cap is tight enough to prevent the content from leaking. Inside there is a small hole to give an ease in bringing out the liquid slowly.


The texture is in a liquid form like water. It is not water! It contains an unusual smell which I did not like.  The toner or serum do not evaporate easily it is a lasting and hydrating one.

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Key ingredients

Mentioned below.

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Pros of Natures essence Diamond serum

  • Is a good toner and can be used with any powdered product.
  • This liquid serum can be used alone with cotton to remove dirt.
  • The packaging of the bottle is small and is Easy to carry
  • Hydrates the skin instantly
  • The toner helps to Remove dead skin cells
  • Removes oil. (if you have an oily skin)

Cons of Natures essence Diamond serum

  • Packaging is not good
  • The smell is not good
  • There is nothing like a “diamond serum” as the name claims.
Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

Natures Essence Diamond Serum Oxy Milk

My experience with Natures essence Diamond serum

My experience with this product was average! It was not so good and neither too bad. The toner is easy to use. I use this one with my face wash and face mask. The paste made out by this toner is really good and thick. But the smell of the toner is not at all tempting. Many a times instead of using a soap or face wash I have used this toner directly after coming from hot weather on my face. The toner is effective in removing tanning up to a good percentage; also the toner fits easily in my small hand bag. The packaging is not good as it do not worth its price at all. In all the product is good.


3/5 as there is better toners available.

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Certainly not. As there are better toners available doing the same job at low price.


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