Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated Reviews


Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated Reviews

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I love hunting and experimenting with products of famous brands which are not very known in the market! Confused? Am sure. Let’s talk about Neutrogena, we all know that they have a face wash and sunblock, but I chanced upon this hand cream at my favorite shop that gets me imported cosmetic products. The very phrase on the tube “just a dab heals dry skin” caught my attention and I immediately stacked it in my list of purchase. The daily roughing out had indeed made my hands dry and look older than my age. This product came to my rescue within a couple of days of application.

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Product Description of Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

As the name goes, this is a pretty thick and a greasy cream. Even a little quantity can easily spread over your hands or any effected area like knees, lips etc. The cream does have a light fragrance to it which I am personally not very fond of, however with the benefits that it gives I could easily ignore that. Within a few days of application you will find that the affected area is really very soft, there is a slight glow in the skin and your skin looks hydrated and happy. The only glitch being that the cream if not massaged into the skin properly leaves white residues on the skin.

Direction for use

Since it is a very highly concentrated cream it is advised that you apply it on the affected areas only before you go to sleep. Gently massage the cream into the skin and let it absorb the moisture. Next day after washing the area you will notice there is a distinct improvement in the feel of your skin.

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated



Aqua, Glycerine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Dilauryl, Thiodipropionate Sodium Sulfate, Methyl Paraben, Propylparaben, parfum.


A tube of 56 grams costs approximately Rs. 300.


The tube comes in a small packing with all details of the product on it. The tube is very small and contains 56g of cream. It is white in colour with the name of the product mentioned on the top.


It is a high moisture content and very greasy cream. The cream in itself is white and very thick in nature. On applying you will feel a thick layer of moisture on the affected area.

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Pros of Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

  1. Trusted Brand
  2. Power packed high moisture content cream in a small easy to carry tube
  3. Makes the skin extremely soft and supple
  4. Excellent product for those with very dry areas of the body like hands
  5. Value for money

Cons of Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

  1. It is a little expensive compared to the quantity of the product offered
  2. A very big disadvantage is that it is not easily available at most of the stores. Mostly you would have to seek online for the product
  3. The product leaves white residues of the cream if not massaged into the skin properly.
Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

My experience with Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated

I always have a tube of this cream stacked up with me since the first time I used it. Although I don’t need to use it that often now, but as soon as I have dry hands or chapped lips which seem incurable I use this cream and it works like a magic!



Whether I would recommend this product again

I have already passed on my secret to soft and supple hands to the ladies in my group and my family. Believe it or not each one of them has an “awestruck with the wonders of this cream” moment, be it after a rough day at office or dry dull skin because of pollution or dipping the hand too much in soap water, this cream has cure to repair your skin in the most effective and quickest way.


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