Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up Reviews


Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up Reviews

Hello my dear readers! Yes it been many days that I did not came up with any of the articles! :( . No worries! Today’s article is about a very common product indeed but it is really very effective. It’s “Nivea pure perfect total face clean up.” The product is named as “all in one” because it cleanse the face like a face wash, scrub like a creamy scrub and can also be applied as a face mask!( Well the other two benefits are same as a normal face scrub provides so I have not considered the other two as main benefits.) Wow! Isn’t that great! Being a product of the brand “Nivea” it had to give a good feedback like it’s all other products! Well I call it as a gentle scrub face wash than calling it “all in one face clean up”! The product has a lot more to tell so please read further :).

Product description

Nivea pure effect total face cleanup is enriched with Active Magnolia Extract which provides your skin top 5 benefits:

  • the face cleanup deeply washes off skin impurities and dead skin cells.
  • the product contains peeling particles which help you to unclog pores and purify your skin from blackheads.
  • if you Leave it as a pack for a few minutes on your face it will help refine your skin’s texture and support a perfect complexion.
  • The product is made with anti-bacterial formulation that helps to fight spot causing bacteria and provides visibly pure and healthy skin.
  • After application it results in a soft and gentle skin this is due to its mild formula.
Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Direction for use

You can use this amazing product in 3 ways!

Using it as a face wash:

  • Squeezing out a reasonable amount from the tube apply the creamy face wash of to your face gently (like a normal face wash) and cleanse. You might also feel a bit of quick and easy scrubbing while washing your face!

Using it as a scrub:

  • Use the content like a scrub by massaging the creamy texture of the tube with the small granules on to your face. Message it for 5-10 minutes. Remove the cream with a wet towel.

Using it like a mask:

  • Just apply the content of the tube and spread it on to your face do not scrub or message at all! Just use it like a face pack. Let it dry completely then wash your face properly.
Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up


Shelf life

2 years


199 rupees


The packaging is really good. Generally face wash or any bathing products do not have a good quality packaging in this price! Well this one has a cute blue and white color tube with a wide plastic nozzle and a flip cap! The tube is quite thick to avoid leaking.

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up


As the cream of the tube performs 3 in one tasks similarly the texture is 3 in one too! It is soapy, creamy and contains small granules for scrubbing. The cream is really thick and heavy.

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Pros of Nivea pure perfect total face clean up.

  • Good quality packaging
  • 3 in 1 product
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Performs all three functions really well.
  • Leaves the face fresh and moistened.
  • Brings out the fairer complexion.
  • Removes tanning.
  • Provides soothing smell after application

Cons of Nivea pure perfect total face clean up.

  • The product has all positives! Not a single con!

Key ingredients

Mentioned below

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

Nivea Pure Perfect Total Face Clean Up

My experiences with Nivea pure perfect total face clean up

Amazing! Is the only word to describe this superb invention of all in one face cleanup! In this hot weather this is the best friend for your beautiful skin! Well, it has been in my kit from past 2 years! I have brought this product back to back. The bravo or wow factor is that it do removes tanning! Also, it performs its three wonders for which it is known first is, “cleansing like a face wash”. Second is “scrubbing like a good scrub” and third is “providing a good face mask” for the weekly cleansing of my face is amazing! Well the product’s benefits does not end here, it has an amazing smell which soothe your senses and it is also suitable for all those who have sensitive skin like me. It is suitable for all skin types. Usually after applying a face mask my skin need a good amount of moisturizer but this product has not given me any chance to moisturize my face afterwards ( during summers) but in winters I do need a good cream. Well all over a very smart buy it is.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Of course! I will. When you can get all the work done in just one tube!


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