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Feel Fresh- Nivea Pure Talc

Hello my spicy friends…!!

Today I am going to check Nivea Pure talc. Talc is a standout amongst the most under-evaluated things that you will discover in somebody’s restroom. This specific talcum powder is one of the least complexes and most delightful I’ve attempted. This fine Talc arrives in a 300g plastic container that is 19cm tall, 7cm wide and 4cm profound. It is plain white all over.

On the front the blue Nivea logo/content could be found, and beneath it is the item name and a short portrayal. On the back an alternate mark has all the exhausting data on, for example, headings for utilization, fixings, scanner tag and so forth.

Nivea Pure Talc

Nivea Pure Talc

On the back it is portrayed as being “Daintily fragranced, Nivea Pure Talc will retain dampness, leaving your skin feeling delicate and smooth”. It then lets you know that the guided approach to utilize it is to cover up your body after a wash.

The container itself contains a ton of talcum powder and it might be felt by the weight. To open it up you just curve the white top hostile to clockwise to open six little openings in the top. At that point to utilize it simply shake some out and spread it in the sought regions.

Nivea Pure Talc

Nivea Pure Talc

Pros of Nivea Pure Talc

  • Good fragrance.
  • Fix well.
  • Not sticks on a place.

Cons of Nivea Pure Talc

  • If you are travelling and you have used this product then it can create layer in your body.

You must be watchful when it is full however as it turns out truly rapidly for the initial couple of employments. To close it you simply contort it in a clockwise course and it is secure from spillage. Going with it in a pack is no issue whatsoever. I have brought it away with me very much a couple times and it has never spilled or blasted.

Nivea Pure Talc

Nivea Pure Talc


My experience for Nivea Pure Talc

I don’t utilize talcum powder to frequently after showers or gives yet when I do I discover it works best in the wake of having a fast get dry a towel first. A light sprinkle of powder rubbed in, this works a treat to keep your skin dry and smooth. Notwithstanding it being marginally fragranced, I haven’t generally perceived any scent, separated from the ordinary talcum powder “smell”.

Nivea Pure Talc

Nivea Pure Talc

I likewise utilize it a ton as a part of my running and cycling shoes to get dry my feet amid races. I put an enormous “squirt” of it into the shoe and afterward clean it around to blanket the greater part of within.

I find that this works truly well to dry my feet on the off chance that they are wet amid and running or cycling race. Regardless of the possibility that I have socks on that are drenched, in any case I observe that it has an observable effect to make my feet some more agreeable.

Nivea Pure Talc

Nivea Pure Talc

My Rating

I would like to rate 9 out of 10 to this product.

In the event that you utilize it sparingly like me then it will keep going you until the end of time. To purchase it the shops it will cost you Rs 99 from any great scientist.

As its made by Nivea you can anticipate that it will be great and it most likely is. I like that it is a basic, plain jug as it means all you pay for is the talc and not favor bundling. In spite of being so plain and basic, I don’t think it would gaze out of spot close by other bathroom item. To make me know your thoughts, make use of comment box. And I always say “Be Stylish and Spicy”.


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