Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel Review


Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel Review

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I am a big fan of shower gels. Actually I am a big fan of bathing itself. I love spending extra hours while pampering myself with body washes. I love how they make your skin feel. Seriously, girls for a rich luxurious bathing experience switch to body wash. And trust me they are not very expensive and 1 bottle last really long close to 4 months with me. And mind it I use daily. So, they are quite economical that way.

Now, coming to this particular review, I have used a number of shower gels all my life. And most of them are from drugstore brands only. Now, i don’t mind using drugstore brands till the results are good. So, here is a review of Nivea shower gel. Here is another review of shower gel from Nivea lemon and oil shower gel.

Read on to find if it’s worth a try or not.

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Product description:

Discover the the unique combination of freshness and rich care under the shower .stimulate your senses with the feminine scent of waterlily ,while the silky fresh gel with pampering oil turns into caring soft foam-for the fabulous sensation of beautiful silky skin.feel reborn with every shower.

Price & Quantity:

Rs.175 for 200 ml.

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel


Shelf Life:

36 months from the date of packaging


Nivea  shower gel comes in a big bottle. The bottle is quite wide but since it is made up of light plastic thus it is not that heavy to carry. The bottle is transparent which makes the product easy to see through. i really like this. i always want to be in knowledge of the product left. The packaging has all the product details mentioned. The packaging is quite descriptive and informative. It has a flip flop opening with a tiny hole in the middle. This  tiny hole controls the amount of product dispensed.

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Texture :

The texture of the shower gel is a bit thicker. but it need to be made runny by diluting it with water. It is transparent in colour with tiny granules in it. This granules are quite effective in scrubbing the skin without feeling harsh on skin.

Key Ingredients

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Pros of Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

  1. trustworthy brand
  2. available both online and offline
  3. easy on pocket
  4. lasts quite long
  5. little amount required per usage
  6. scrubs body effectively
  7. Does not feel harsh on skin
  8. Moisturizing properties
  9. Neutral to nose
  10. Makes skin soft

Cons of Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

Nothing for me

My experience with Nivea Waterlily and Shower Gel

I am blessed with dry skin and I really love those shower gels which does not thrust out the moisture from my skin. And this shower gel is indeed one of them. It really is soft. When the gel comes in contact with loofah and when it is applied on skin it feels very soft. But it removes the dead cells too thus facilitating clean and clear skin. And it really is gentle on skin. In summers even when you have dry skin you don’t need a moisturizer. So, that’s a huge plus for dry skinned girls like me.

You require a very little amount per usage. Thus, the big bottle is going to last really long. With daily usage the shower gel will easily for 3.5-4 months. The scent of the shower gel is not bothersome. And I really couldn’t make out the smell. But of course it’s soothing.

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this beauty to others –

Of course, girl it’s a perfect treat for your skin.


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