Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Review


Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

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Hair straighteners can be a tricky lot, especially for women who can’t decide to between whether to get their hair straightened or curled or not styled at all. It’s not as easy as just popping on a switch and running your hair through the device. There are a lot of factors to take into account, like longevity, damage done to hair and what haircuts to get after you are done straightening it.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

Product Description:

  • 100% solid ceramic heating plates which never stick to your hair, never get chipped or cracked unlike glass or metal ones. They even achieve heating on an even scale which gives you a uniform and high quality finish to your hair. Ceramic heating plates are cheaper than their counterparts as well.
  • It has a warranty of 3 months as well.
  • Has a built in temperature regulator.
  • Quite lightweight unlike its predecessor. It not that wide as well, so you can use it to curl your hair as well.
  • It’s not too big, but I wouldn’t call it travel friendly either. Black in color with cream colored ceramic plates.

How to Use?

The device is quite flimsy and delicate, so care should be taken while handling it. If it slips from your hand, you can bid goodbye, as it doesn’t look too sturdy at all. It would have been very helpful if nova provided a padded case to carry it in.

It is advisable to wear gloves so you don’t accidentally burn yourself while using it. This is just a general precaution.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

My Experience

I got this one after my cousin showed me hers, which she had bought two years ago. It is still working fine, curling and straightening its way it glory. I was completely taken with it light weight and longevity. Oh and ye, the temperature regulator. You know how weird I am about using heat on my hair, due to the damage it causes, which is why I usually set the temperature to the lowest I can. Takes a bit longer to straighten my hair, but at least I can sleep in peace at night.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener


The heating system is quite good, and provides frizz free straight as a pole hair throughout. Even the humidity doesn’t bother it anymore. The evenness of the ceramic plates eliminates flyaways or the creation of damage hot spots. If you have exceptionally stubborn curly hair, you might not find the low settings I use to be that helpful.


  • Uniform thermal efficiency, due to the use of ceramic plates.
  • Smooth and shiny cuticles
  • No static.
  • Straight, sleek and shiny hair.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ceramic heating plates.
  • Doesn’t discolor dyed hair
  • Long 360 degree swivel power cord
  • Has 50/60 Hz frequency.
  • Has temperature regulation
  • Provides a nice finish to hair.
  • Efficient smoothening and straightening
  • Does not create any static or flyaway’s.
  • Cheap
    Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

    Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener


  • Not very travel friendly owing to the design.
  • Curly hair will prove to be a challenge.
    Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

    Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener

Will I use it again?

Sporadically, yes. For those who like their men and hair straight, this is a useful addition to their cosmetics cupboard. Always remember to use some kind of heat protector to limit the damage though.

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    I love doing straightening and I find this article cool thanks for sharing infos 😛

    • Malvika

      I am glad you liked the article. Straightening hair these days is the most “IN” thing.. Always use good products and take extra care of your hair. I would suggest that you use some kind of Hair heat protector as well.
      Take care..

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    Great informative post

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    Nova has the best hair styling products at a good rate…

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    what does this retail for?

  • Áñgél Shréyâ

    Its the worst straightener I’ve ever seen. It didn’t make my hair straight!
    And it got damaged and became ineffective after 4-5 uses.
    The review was totally wrong.