Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin Review


Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin Review

Hello dear readers..!!!! I am going to talk about a product that claims to provide a one-step solution to a number of your skin issues like: skin darkening, pigmentation & dullness that inevitably occur due to constant environmental exposure, lack of proper diet and often a faulty skin care regimen. So, especially after the age of 25, you do need to take special care of your skin to avoid and delay these problems. Apart from the routine cleansing, toning and moisturizing, you need a formulation that targets the specific problems associated with skin ageing and exposure to the dust, UV rays and temperature changes in the environment.

This newly launched product called Novawhite Glutathione cream for Dark, dull and matured skin claims to target the problems associated with appearance of early signs of ageing, in a holistic way.

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Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Product description

Novawhite Glutathione claims to have a complex of anti-ageing and skin renewing agents that help to fight the signs of ageing such as dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes, loss of lustre and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over the facial skin. The product is ideal to be used by both men and women.

About Bionova

Bionova is a leading manufacturer of specialized nutritional and health supplements as well as other Pharma products like liquids, capsules etc. They are dedicated to manufacture fine quality and effective range of products for the market with constantly evolving biotechnological application. 

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin



INR 1650

Directions of use:

Use two to three times in a day on clean skin preferably while your skin is a little damp. Use for four months for visible results like firmer and radiant skin.


Novawhite Glutathione comes in a clear, plastic bottle that has a paper label in Red going around it. There is a pump mechanism on top of the bottle. A transparent cap covers the pump dispenser. There is a Red cardboard box that encloses the bottle.

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin


It is skin tinted to look at and the consistency is like that of Lacto Calamine lotion though, a bit thicker. 

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin


Key ingredients:

Glutathione, Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid, Collagen peptides and pro vitamin complex.

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Novawhite Cream for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin

Pros of Novawhite Cream for Dark, dull and matured skin

  • Hygienic packaging with a pump dispenser
  • Product can be used by a wide spectrum of age groups starting from the age of mid-Twenties
  • It is ideal for unisex usage.
  • It is skin tinted so, gives a mild coverage
  • It mattifies your complexion making it an ideal product for normal, oily and combination skin types.
  • It is effective in fighting the bad effects of pollution, harsh environmental factors and skin ageing.
  • Decreases skin pigmentation in any area of the face, targeting specifically on dark circles.
  • Mild fragrance that does not bother the nose.
  • Does not cause burning or pimples.
  • It does not clog facial pores.
  • Price is comparable to most anti-ageing products with better results.
  • Contains antioxidant ingredients that help fight free radicals
  • Pro Vitamins renew skin cells and enable faster regeneration.
  • Novawhite Glutathione contains Collagen peptides and Glutathione extracts that firm up your skin texture and make it appear young and plump.

Cons of Novawhite Cream for Dark, dull and matured skin

  • Dry skin types might need to mix it up with a moisturizing lotion to fully reap its benefits.

My experience with Novawhite Cream for Dark, dull and matured skin

I have been using Novawhite glutathione for around 15 days on my skin. I will be frank, I had my doubts while starting using it on routine basis since, it is a newly launched product However, after thoroughly going through the ingredient list, I realized that most of the contents are skin friendly yet strong antioxidants.

On applying over skin, it gets absorbed after a gentle massage and is best used after washing the face when the skin is still damp. Once fully absorbed, it is totally sticky and in fact it mattefies your skin. It is a plus point for those who have normal, oily or combination skin. If people with dry skin want to use it, mix it with any moisturizing lotion. The skin instantly appears brighter and clearer after using this face lotion.

Over a period of ten days, after using this lotion for two times a day, I have noticed a faint lightening of the pigmentation patches that usually occur in areas of my forehead, near the hairline. Since, it is packed with antioxidants, it definitely helps to fight the free radical damage and renews the skin cells. The Glutathione controls melanin production in skin thus, helps in preventing skin darkening. Vitamin C promotes the formation of type 4 Collagen which is responsible for firm texture and elasticity of skin. Niacin helps in illuminating your skin while the Collagen peptides and the Siberian ginseng extracts are effective in bringing about micro lifting of skin.

It has a very faint fragrance and is almost fragrance free which is a good point since it means lesser of synthetic chemicals. It is skin coloured and on spreading becomes White. On getting absorbed into skin, it makes my skin feel firm and tightened a good quality for an anti-ageing lotion.

You can also share this product with your husband as, one, it is ideal for unisex usage and two, it has a hygienic pump dispenser so, you do not have to worry about transfer of germs. Use it twice a day, for best results.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would surely recommend it as it produces results that are comparable to big brands like Pond’s, Olay, Garnier , L’Oreal etc.


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