NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A Reviews


NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A Reviews

Hii charming sweethearts!! Hope you all are doing well? I have got a gift from my aunt, and that’s really good. I would like to share it with you all and that is NYC eyeliner pencil. It is very nice and it is easily applicable. Any cosmetic I have, I make a point to share its review, with u all, as talking to you all, makes my use of cosmetics complete.

This Eyeliner pencil that is going to be reviewed is good and it is good for every day appliance. So girls, get ready for the complete information about this branded product and think of using it.

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

Product Description

The description about this Eyeliner is that, it is a pencil of black colour, or rather it can be called kohl. The lid of the eyeliner is hard and it is applied easily, even it is hard. The pencil has a transparent cap, which easily closed and needs no force for closing it. Easy to use and easy to carry kind of cosmetic. It has Vitamin E in it.

How to Use

It is easy to use. The pencil has a cap, open it and apply it inside your eyes, by closing your eye and keeping the liner lid inside your eyes. Move pencil both sides of the eye and close the lid after each use.

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A


Shelf Life

Nothing mentioned but least is 2 years for cosmetics.


1207 INR.

Skin Type

For all skin types.


It a bit dry.

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A


The packaging of the product is very normal and it is not so attractive. A normal pencil of charcoal colour, with a transparent lid. The pencil liner can be sharpened by a normal sharpener and it has a good quality lid, as it does not break, while sharpening.

Key Ingredients

No key ingredients has been mentioned about the Eyeliner.

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

Pros of NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

  • The pencil liner can be sharpened, with a regular sharpener.
  • It is easily applicable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It has vitamin E.
  • It can be used on the brow too.

Cons of NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

  • The pencil liner has a hard lid.
  • It takes few strokes for applying.
  • It’s a bit dry.
  • Doesn’t stay long.
  • Too costly.
  • Not worth buying according to its price and quality.
NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

NYC Eyeliner Pencil 921A

My Experience with NYC Eyeliner 921A

The pencil Eyeliner by this brand is a gift for me, so I am using it, but if I had to buy this, I would have never purchased it, as it has a high price tag and the appliance does not match its price. I use kajal every day, so for everyday use, it is ok. But when I go out, I prefer using dark Eyeliner pencil, as I like dark eyes a lot and I would go for darker charcoal coloured pencil Eyeliner. I have this, so I use it and I will finish it too, as branded products has its own quality.


I would give 2 out of 5.


See girls, there are so many products out there, in the market, and each brand has its own pros and cons, likewise we all have different choices according to our taste. The thing that I don’t prefer using, it might be good for you or others. The brand is good and its products are awesome, so you all can try it if you all like charcoal Eyeliner pencils, which is of lighter shade. This liner has hard lid, if you are using it, try not to hurt your eye inside.


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    not worth it :/

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    is it available in india??

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    disappointing product

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    costly kajal 🙁