Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder Reviews


Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder Reviews

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Today’s review is on Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder. It is not exactly a beauty product but undoubtedly it is equally essential in the summers. It’s a classic product for beating the heat. Nycil is one of the first ever company that came up with these products which armed us to fight heat allergies and prickly is one of the most trusted brands and is recommended by dermatologists all around the country. The reason I got my hands on it was also because it was recommended to be by a doctor for summer allergies and heat reactions.

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Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Product Description of Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

78% of people suffer from prickly heat or other heat allergies in the summer. The Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder guarantees that 4 weeks of continues application of this powder , two times a day can help you get rid of any heat related skin allergy or prickly heat . This powder works wonders to absorb sweat and therefore is a very useful product in the keeps the skin dry and fresh for longer periods of time. The talc also consists of certain elements that have anti- bacterial and anti-fungal agents and help keep the skin healthy. The powder has been exclusively manufactured with the aim to provide relief to people in the extreme summer conditions.

Direction for Use

Make sure that your body is clean and dry before you use this powder. Sprinkle the required amount all over your body and especially areas where you are most effected by the allergies or prickly heat and give it a soft rub. Apply this powder twice in a day for 4 weeks to get maximum relief.

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder


Shelf Life

This one last you for 4 years easily!

Price & Quantity

Rupees 84 for 200 grams

Skin Type

This product will work for all the skin types. It is a great talc for summers and is very useful. I would especially recommend this to the ones who are prone to skin problems in the summer. This one is a great buy!


This product comes in a blue and white pack with a cover on top. The cap is sturdy and does not let the powder out.

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder


The powder is white in colour and has a very light and pleasant fragrance. The texture is smooth and soft and spreads easily. Though you could feel a little dry after applying this powder.  

Key Ingredients

  • Starch
  • Chlorphenesin
  • Zinc oxide 

Pros – Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

  • Easily available
  • Available in different varieties
  • Decent price
  • Good for summers
  • Helps in getting rid of skin problems caused by heat
  • Travel friendly

Cons – Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

There is nothing really wrong with this product but I would be happier if they worked a bit on the fragrance and the packaging.

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

My Experience with Nycil Classic Prickly Heat Powder

I have a very sensitive skin and sun and heat both do not suite my skin much. For me this product was a blessing in disguise. The first time I tried this powder was on the recommendation of the doctor for my skin allergies after that day it has been a permanent product in my house. Even if you don’t really have a skin issue this product will still be equally helpful. 


5/5 for being one of the first and the most productive and useful powder of all times and for making heat bearable!

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes I would definitely recommend this product because everything good does not  necessarily  be fancy! This product though basic is a very useful product. It helps you throughout your summer months and keeps your skin happy and healthy.


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