Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes Reviews


Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes Reviews

Hii Sweeties..!!! How have you been? Hope all is well. I am back after few days, as I was in a bad health and was desperately waiting to write a review for you all. I have always kept in mind that whichever beauty product I use, I will give you all the correct information about it. Whether the product I like or dislike, I write all my impressions about the product. Giving the correct information is my priority and making you all aware of it, comes first. As you know I have written many reviews previously and had made a point to deliver its information to you all, as I did about my last review about the Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush.

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Product Description

This nail remover round pads are awesome that wipes away nail polish instantly, with no mess and no spills. Wherever you are, in a classroom, flight, bus or even office, this remover pads are easily used and it needs no effort. These nail remover pads allows ladies to say no to chipped nail polishes and it nourishes your nails too, with its vitamin E in it. It is very gentle on nails, cuticles and skin too. It is acetone free and lint free, so it is healthy for all skins. The wet pads has no excess liquid, which makes box or your hand dirty, exact amount of remover is added, in each pad.

How to Use

It’s very easy and needs no tension for wiping off the nail polish. Just use one pad and wipe up your nail polish easily. Close the lid of the box tightly so that the pads doesn’t dry.

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes


Shelf Life

18 months from the date of manufacturing.


120 INR for 30 pads.

Skin Type

It’s suitable for all skin types.


The texture of the nail remover is a bit thick and sticky.

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes


The packaging of the nail remover is good. It comes in a black paper box and inside of the paper box, this plastic black round box is there, which contains 30 pads of nail remover. This box has a tight screw lid, which retains the wetness and the freshness of the pad remover. The box of the remover has all the info that sis required, at the back of it. So accordingly, all the basic needs and information is given for this product, so that no confusion stays for costumers.

Key Ingredients

Methyl Propane diol, Water, Methyl Ethanoate, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dena onium Benzoate.

Pros of Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

  • The remover has good packaging.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • With one pad, all ten fingers can be cleaned.
  • The smell of the remover pad is not alcoholic like other removers.
  • The info about the product is mentioned.

Cons of Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

  • The remover is a bit thick and sticky. (But I would give thumps up as far as it does not make my nails and fingers white.)
Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

My Experience about Odiva Nail Remover Round Wipes

Well, I liked the remover pads a lot, as it does not waste my time, for looking for a cotton and my remover bottle, for removing the nail polish. Just I take out the box and use one pad. No effort and no harm occurs, after using the pad, as it used to happen for the alcohol based removers. I love this and I will look forward to these, with new verities it has.


I would give 4 out of 5.


Ladies, if you really want a no mess and no spill remover, then switch over to these awesome nail remover pads, as it is magical and it keeps my nails strong and healthy too. The best part is, it has vitamin E, which is good for skin and cuticles too. So, I would recommend this to all of you, and you should give it a try once.


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