OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser Reviews


OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser Reviews – For oily and combination skin

Hi guys hope you all are doing well, today I am going to review clarity fresh cleanser from Olay meant for oily and combination skin. Cleanser is a must for all skin types and specially for oily and combination skin types so that it helps you get rid of all that oil from your face. Olay is one such brand that has always live upto all its claims which perceived me to buy this product. So let’s see how it fared.

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

Product Description of OLAY clarity fresh cleanser

This is a whole new way to improve oily and combination oily skin – Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanser instantly washes away excess oil, dirt and make-up, restoring skin to a refreshed, naturally balanced conditions.  Rich lather contains refreshing menthol and natural herb extract. Leaves skin clean without over-tightening. Your skin will soon be clear and refreshed.

Direction for Use

Apply to wet face and gently massage with fingertips

Shelf Life

2 years

Key Ingredients

Refer the following picture

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser


Price & Quantity

Rs 35 for 18g

It also has a bigger variant but if I am using a product for the first time I like to buy the trial size verion just to see whether it works for me or not.

Skin Type

For oily and combination skin type


It comes in a small white tube with a silver screw on plastic cap. The packaging is quite travel friendly and simple just one thing I don’t like it the screw on cap should have been replaced with the shut and lock cap which is far more better, plus the tube is not opaque you are not able to gauge the amount of product left


It has this white and silvery creamy texture and only small amount of this cleanser is needed for the whole face.

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

Pros of OLAY clarity fresh cleanser

  • Affordable
  • Specially meant for oily and combination skin
  • Only small amount is needed
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin

Cons of OLAY clarity fresh cleanser

  • Controls oil for 1-2 hours
  • Doesn’t completely remove makeup from the face
OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

OLAY Clarity Fresh Cleanser

My Experience with OLAY clarity fresh cleanser

I instantly picked this cleanser up after reading its claims little did I know that this product was not going to be that impressive. It does not remove make up from my face which a cleanser is supposed to do I have to use a makeup remover first then followed by this cleanser. Another negative thing is that it does not control oil on my face for a longer time. It controls it hardy for like maximum2 hours

Now coming to the positive points. This cleanser does not dry out my skin like other cleansers which are meant for oily and combination skin. This can be used as a mild cleanser because it doesn’t rob off your skin’s natural moisture. After using this I am left with clear and glowing skin for some time



-2 because it doesn’t live up to all its claims

Whether I would recommend OLAY clarity fresh cleanser

I don’t think you should buy this for its claims, it is not that impressive. Also for oily skinned beauties there are far better cleansers in the market at this price range which are better than this one. Dy and normal skinned beauties can give this a try because it doesn’t dry out your skin and gives you clear and glowing skin. You can buy this one if you are looking for a mild cleanser to use in the morning.


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    i dont like this olay cleanser..makes the skin dry