Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation Review


Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation Review

Hello girls,

First of all, I want to say Happy New Year to all. I personally don’t incline toward doing substantial make-up. At the same time a decent foundation is a magnificence item that I simply can’t pass up a great opportunity for me. My makeup regimen is fragmented without a decent quality foundation. Whether be it a wedding or a little birthday party, I can most likely depend on Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation of mine.

I have a mix sky which has a tendency to be a slight slick around the T-zone after a difficult day. My appearance could be termed as one tone lighter than whitish.

At first I was somewhat anxious to attempt it out as foundations are constantly intended to be picked by skin sort and appearance. Anyway it appears that I was a bit lucky where this foundation is concerned. Perused on to figure out more!!

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Product Description

The Ideal Balance Balancing Foundation is a fluid foundation and can be utilized on blend skin. The exceptional fixings introduce in this Olay foundation ingest overabundance oils and battle slick spots. With indications of lotus blossom, this Olay makeup mitigates the dry area on your skin. Likewise, this Olay foundation keeps the dry spots on your skin saturated.

The without oil recipe of this Olay makeup offers a delicate matte completion. You may wear the Ideal Balancing Foundation consistently, for its luxurious equation feels totally great on your skin. With a velvety application and a delicate matte complete, this is certain to be your perfect foundation. Accessible in 8 incredible shades, Ideal Balance Makeup from Olay is the best approach!

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Direction for Use

Take adequate amount of Olay foundation in your hand and mix it with cream then apply on the skin.

Shelf Life

18 months


Don’t know, as I have not purchased it 


Light weight plastic tube, with black cap and transparent tub. 

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation



The texture is not too hard or too soft. 

Key Ingredients

Not mentioned 

Pros of Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

  • SPF 30
  • Smooth Texture
  • Light weight
  • Works for blend skin
  • A little item works wonders
  • Gives a matt completion
  • Not intensely Fragrant
  • Not Dry
  • Good scope 

Cons of Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation:

  • Ingredients not mentioned. 

My Experience with Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

I cherish utilizing this item particularly around my eyes in case I am not in a mind-set to do broad make up. I just apply it around my eye range and it works wonders for me. It doesn’t make my face look cakey or sparkly. Its lightweight surface helps it effortlessly leak into the skin without feeling excessively oily. It gives medium to great scope.

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation

Olay Unifying and Balancing Foundation


I will rate 8 out of 10 to this product. 

Whether I would recommend this product again:

In the event that you have amazingly dry skin, then it can be skipped. It gives a matt look to your face. Next to no item is obliged to touch up the whole face and neck.

To outline it, I would say it’s a decent item for mix skin excellencies. Be that as it may it ought to certainly be kept away from dry- cleaned women.

This is the end of the post, hope you like my content. At the end, I just want to say “Be Stylish and Spicy” .


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