Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner Reviews


Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner Reviews

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Today, I am going to review organic harvest neem tulsi toner in which I am highly interested. Last time, when I stay in Delhi I used this product three to four times in a day. Really, it is an amazing product. It en will enhance your appearance and makes your skin look more attractive.

In my last blog, I had given you updates on the Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk with Essential Oils, which is able to clean all the dust of your face. Now, I am back with another cosmetic product to know its feature in depth..Check out these categories-

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

Product Description of organic harvest neem tulsi toner

A neem is kind of tree that solves the global problems and acts as antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial. An organic harvest neem tulsi toner is a combination of neem and tulsi that can useful for all kinds of skins. It is an alcohol free, oil free and unique formulation. It will make your skin organic and healthy to grow.

Direction for Use

Organic harvest neem tulsi toner can be used in the morning and night after cleansing. Don’t use it before cleansing. In order to use it, you should get a cotton pad. Carefully, follow all the instruction that is given in the user manuals. No any extra paste or chemical required to use it.

Shelf Life

Approximately 2 Year.

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner


Price & Quantity

100ml of 345 INR. 

Skin Type

Organic harvest neem tulsi toner is for oily skin.


Organic harvest neem tulsi toner comes in a white cylindrical bottle. It has a removal cap that can easily open and closed and to provide safety to the product another small cap is there. Overall, it has poor packaging. In a small gentle press, the product comes out. You don’t have to give an extra attention on its packaging to open and closed the bottle.

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner


The texture of Organic harvest neem tulsi toner is liquid. It easily spread out, so you don’t require any kind of special equipment or tools to apply it. I have already used this product and it gives you an attractive and appealing look if you apply this product in the proper way. The color of the toner is green which makes you remember tulsi and neem.

Key Ingredients

In the organic harvest neem tulsi toner has several ingredients that use to make it such as Aqua, Neem Extract, Basil Extract, in Water base. It is an alcohol free product. These are natural ingredients that cannot be harmful for your skin.

Pros of organic harvest neem tulsi toner

  • This fit in your budget.
  • Due to the utilization of natural ingredients, it comes top in my list.
  • I feel fresh when I use it.
  • It is also suitable for sensitive skin, due to its organic ingredients.
  • It has both tulsi and neem and they don’t disturb my nose.
  • It removes dirt from my face.
  • It keeps my skin hydrated. 

Cons of organic harvest neem tulsi toner

  • I always like a toner to be in a spray bottle. I am frustrated with taking out cotton, drench it in the toner and put into face.
  • Too long process for such kind of people (lazy) like me.
  • It is not helpful for removing the pores.
Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

Organic Harvest Neem Tulsi Toner

My Experience with organic harvest neem tulsi toner

Thanks organic harvest to make such kind of product. It is a very useful product for my skin. I regularly use it. It is not too expensive, if you loot all its benefits. Only natural ingredients are used to make it. It is a travel friendly product, you can easily carry and use it while the travelling.


8 out of 10. 

Whether I would recommend this product again

Yes, I would recommend this product. This is the end of my post. Hope you like it. Makes me know your thoughts and ideas with the comment box. Till my next post, you don’t forget to look ”Stylish and Spicy”.


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