Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel Review


Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel Review

Hello girls, how have you been? During this festive season, being up late at night and keeping up to the energy requirement is a bit tough task to handle. Our eyes are the first source of sign for our fatigue. For me anyone can look straight into my eyes and say, you haven’t slept well. Just a few days into the sleep laciness and my eyes become fluffy and dark circles appear on my face. Eyes and under eye, skin are most sensitive skin on the face. So, we have to be extra cautious to take care of them. So for now I have added an eye gel from Oriflame to my daily regime, let’s check out how this works

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Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Product Description of Oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel

Oriflamme Is brand which does not need any introduction in cosmetic field. It’s been in the market for so long, and they have some very nice and effective products to offer. This is Oriflame soothing eye gel with organic aloe Vera extract. This contains pure natural extracts. Fast absorbing lightweight gel formula that cools and refreshes the skin around the delicate eye area. Provides hydration and helps relieve signs of tiredness.

Direction for Use

Take out the required quantity on your finger tip and spread it under eyes skin. This will get absorbed in a few seconds. This is preferred to be used as an overnight gel. This is very light in texture so you can use this in the day time too, if you are comfortable with this

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel


Shelf Life

No such information I could find on pack

Price & Quantity

15ml of the tube is priced at 179rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This gel comes in a cute, sweet small and handy plastic non transparent green colored tube. It has a semi transparent cap on it. It has a small opening. This is a leak proof packaging, so this is really easy to carry around.

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel


This is a transparent gel. It has a very light texture and absorbed into the skin very fast. It doesn’t have any significant fragrance which is a plus point for me. This doesn’t stay on the skin for long nor makes it sticky. Easy to spread and absorbed fast.

Key Ingredients

Refer to the image below

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Pro’s of Oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel

  • Fast absorbing
  • Lightweight gel formula
  • helps relieve signs of tiredness
  • No significant fragrance
  • dermatologically tested

Cons of Oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel

  • Ideal for overnight application only
  • do not target the dark circles problem
  • No instant cooling effect
  • Can be bought from distributors only

My Experience with Oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel

My experiences with this soothing eye gel have been average. This is a lightweight formula and absorbs very fast, but it doesn’t have any cooling effect, you won’t feel any coolness after applying. This works well towards repair work, but it doesn’t work towards dark circles so this is a bit turn down for me. So, next time I will look for a gel which target dark circles too.


I would rate this product 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

I might not recommend this again, as I will now look for something which will target dark circle problem too.


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  • Priya Saxena

    I’ve tried Oriflame’s eye creams and liked them quite ..after reading your review I will surely try my hands on this products.