Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick Reviews


Review of Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

Hello my beautiful friends, I am aware that many women are often intimidated by the thought of wearing red lipstick, as they feel that it does not suit their complexion. However, red has many different shades and different shades suit different complexions. One shade of red that I feel suits every skin tone is cherry red which is why today I will be reviewing Oriflame cherry red lipstick.

Product Description

Some of the special features owing to which this product stands out are listed below:

  • This lipstick feels as light as a feather and the colour is a rich shade of red.
  • As it is not heavy it feels similar to a second skin.
  • The colour of this lipstick has high impact and thus can be worn without a lip liner.
  • It should be applied directly to the lips to obtain an instant burst of colour.
    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

Directions for use:

Use it over the lips more than twice.

Shelf life:

18 months


150 INR


The packaging is sturdy and small.


Oriflame cherry red lipstick is as smooth as butter and it glides on my lips during application. It also does a great job at keeping my lips hydrated.

Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick


Key Ingredients:

Essential oils and added colours!

My experience with Oriflame cherry red lipstick

I am always on the lookout for bright red lipsticks and this is one of the best shades that I have come across. Oriflame is a trusted brand and now I have one more reason to adore its products. The shade is not muted and appears bright and bold. It is a pure red and does not have any traces of brown, maroon or orange in it. I have worn it as a tint and it looks perfect in this form as well. This shade is versatile and can be worn for any occasion. I wear it to my office as a tint and it adds charm to my appearance when I wear it to parties. Some of the features that have impressed me are:

  • Pigmentation: This shade is highly pigmented. I need to apply it just once to get the desired cherry red shade on my lips.
  • Lasting power: This lipstick remains on my lips for around 6 to 7 hours when applied without lip liner. When I use lip liner along with it stays bright and beautiful for around 8 hours without the need to touch up.
    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick


  • Beautiful rich shade
  • Lasts long after application
  • Does not take away moisture from lips
  • Offers an opaque finish
  • Strong packaging
  • Affordable price
  • Oriflame cherry red lipstick does not have a tinge of orange, maroon or brown in it.
  • Quite versatile
  • Oriflame is a trusted brand


  • Can only be bought through an Oriflame consultant.
    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

    Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick


I would give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

Would I recommend Oriflame cherry red lipstick?

I would definitely buy it again and I would also recommend it to others as the product is great.

Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

Oriflame Cherry Red Lipstick

Information about the brand Oriflame

Oriflame is a trusted brand and well known for its beauty products. It ranks among the top ten best beauty brands in India. It offers a wide range of beauty products. Oriflame offers eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, foundation, concealer and many other top notch beauty products. This lipstick can only be bought from an Oriflame consultant or through friends who purchase Oriflame products from consultants on a regular basis.


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