Oriflame Feet up Advanced Review


Oriflame Feet up Advanced

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Oriflame always known for its enhancement in foot creams with more natural factors. This particular relaxing foot cream or lotion can be an enhanced type of the previous Oriflame Feet up Advanced along with Chamomile. The modern enhanced system offers a pair of substances relaxing Orange Blossom and Moisturising Wheat or grain tiniest seed.

What it does:

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Temporarily relieve in addition to soften perhaps the trickiest doing the job foot. Moisturising grain tiniest seed gas in addition to relaxing orange blossom is mixed in this particular wealthy, quickly-absorb cream or lotion. Utilize every time pertaining to long lasting hydration with a shiny scent. So now get good and nice feet without any hassle.

My Using experience on Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

I have applied the older type on this cream or lotion that’s the Oriflame Calming Feet Cream along with Chamomile. This appearance on the brand-new foot cream or lotion is better in comparison with the previous one. This foot cream or lotion comes in a white colour. This cream or lotion smells like the Davana Leaves.

Davana can be a critical perfumed herb, very much precious within Asia for the fragile scent. This actually leaves in addition to flowers consist of fat valued for the beautiful in addition to fragile smell and is particularly employed in high quality perfumes in addition to cosmetic makeup products.

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced


This texture on the cream or lotion is usually dense & that nor appears like gel not as being a cream or lotion although a variety of gel & cream or lotion. It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes to the cream or lotion to acquire soaked up & there is an instantaneous tender experiencing as soon as you employ the cream or lotion. Nevertheless I use the cream or lotion every time during the day, I do believe the optimum time to put on this particular cream or lotion can be nights, because if it’s employed during the day period, people can’t always be clean foot, that obtains sticky when you go following request. Or maybe you can use socks soon after making use of the cream or lotion & hop at home. This particular cream or lotion softens & moisturises the foot & will keep these hydrated.


Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Delivers precisely what that claims! The idea soothes & moisturises dry out foot.

Odour is great. They have this particular minty herbal aroma that’s not really as well over-powering.

Just a little is going a considerable ways! For me, it’ll last for just thirty days & half!

Doesn’t acquire too much time to acquire soaked up! Only 3-4 minutes involving massage therapy will work!


Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Doesn’t be employed by poorly cracked heels! However typical usage inhibits the cracks!

I still find it minor high-priced pertaining to 75 ml on the typical cost, however for the introductory cost it’s certainly really worth the invest in.


Precise Selling price is usually INR 349 for 75 ml pack.

Tips on how to work with:

Rub every day pertaining to tender foot.

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Oriflame Feet up Advanced

Can I purchase it again?

Yes Definitely.

Can I suggest this one?

Yes, I’ll suggest this particular product given it delivers long lasting hydration.


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